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TOTAL DISASTER Looks like we messed something up on Playboy.
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March 22, 2023 Street Trucks Magazine 0

TOTAL DISASTER Looks like we messed something up on Playboy.

Well, we felt like our fuel injection conversion was complete until we ran into some problems on the way to the paint shop. So we made a quick trip back to the Street Trucks garage for a fuel system repair before handing the truck over to Shane at Street Dreams in Ocala Florida for a really cool makeover using parts from LMC Truck. ThePro-Flo 4 Electronic Fuel Injection gives you the ultimate control of your engine when using the Advanced Tuning features. The E-Tuner 4 app gives you the ability to easily adjust your ignition curve specifically for your engine setup, eliminating the hassle, complexity and limitations of the standard distributor advance mechanism. Resulting in a smoother idle, faster acceleration, better peak power, improved fuel economy and the ability to control detonation, all with the touch of your finger. Source - Suspension - - 812.481.4787 Brakes - - 888-991-0887 Wheels - - 714-891-7680 EFI - - 888-799-1135 Fuel System - - 877-334-8355 Body Panels - - 800-562-8782 Frame Coating - - 888-531-4527 Installer - - 941-914-5536 A/C Replacement Parts - 813-548-4952

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