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We Try To POLISH Our Rusty ’67 C10 with Sweet Patina!
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March 22, 2023 Street Trucks Magazine 0

We Try To POLISH Our Rusty ’67 C10 with Sweet Patina!

Special thanks to Sweet Patina for providing these products to preserve the paint on the '67 C10. It's as easy as wipe on/ wipe off with no worry of damaging your original paint. Pick up some sweet patina sauce today! There are over 20 ingredients make up this proprietary blend that makes Sweet Patina "Sauce" a 1 of a kind product. The Patina “Sauce” is a simple WIPE ON - WIPE OFF application process that provides a luminous finish that shows the character, depth and beauty of your patina’ ride. It helps prevent and preserve further deterioration, offers a layer of water resistant protection that helps inhibit rust and polymerizes to a hard finish. Get the kit: Contact the builder: FB - Josh McPherson IG - @bazertheblazer PARTS LIST: Terminator X: Vintage Air SureFit Kit: Hooker black heart motor mounts: Headers: Front runner kit: Intake: Champion radiators: Magazine Subscriptions!!​ Street Trucks: IG - @streettrucks FB - Magazine - C10 Builders Guide: IG - @c10buildersguide Magazine - OBS Builders Guide: IG - @obsbuildersguide FB - F100 Builders Guide: IG - @f100buildersguideofficial Magazine -

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