Jimmy Shine Takes Helsinki

The SO-CAL Speed Shop has been well represented abroad in 2013. In March, Carol and I went to New Zealand for the Leadfoot Nationals; Jimmy Shine traveled to Moscow in June; in July, Shine and his dad worked in a trip to Brunswick, Australia; and then in October, Shine traveled with custom car builder John D’Agostino to Helsinki for yet another car show.

Jimmy Shine stands in front of the Uspenski Cathedral in Helsinki.

Jimmy’s favorite bike: a stunning board track racer replica.

The Hersti Autoshop set up a custom body/chop top seminar, center floor and in real time, sponsored by KEMPII Welding Equipment.

Somehow Helsinki just doesn’t seem to be a hot rod town, but again, I’m wrong. The event that John and Jimmy traveled halfway around the world to attend was the first annual Yankee Car Show in Lahti, Finland, a suburb of Helsinki. The show was held at the Lahti Convention Center, and this well-known area is the location of numerous world-class snow ski events as well. The two-day custom vehicle exhibition was a major success, drawing 400 rods, customs and motorcycles along with thousands of fans.

Renowned custom car builder John D’Agostino and Jimmy Shine were not only there for the obligatory meet and greet, but also to host a seminar detailing the two Yankee car builders’ careers. The boys had a great time from eating kippers and dropping a toe in the icy-cold waters of the Baltic Sea.

Heath’s Custom Garage was well represented. Owners Annastina and Tony Heath brought their Jimmy Shine-inspired chopped and channeled pickup truck.

Here’s another Heath creation, a full-on ’60s-style Gasser, white headers, Moon tank and all.