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Wilwood Disc Brakes Releases XRZ Splined Hub Kits to Dynamically Mount Rotors for Sprint Inboard Applications

Motortopia Staff April 02, 2024 Press Release Motortopia Staff

Camarillo, CA • March 2024

Wilwood Disc Brakes has just launched an XRZ rotor adapter and axle spline clamp in a hub kit to mount floating rotors. The result is increased stiffness and simplified rotor and adapter service by leaving the spline saver in place. The new XRZ Splined Hub Kits allow a dynamically mounted rotor to an adapter to be installed outboard of the new 46-spline XRZ Hub Axle Clamp, which has been designed for a precision fit on DMI and Winters axles.

The new five-bolt hub design increases stiffness by pushing the mount points further out from the center, allowing for a thicker rotor adapter. Wilwood engineered two rotor adapters, an 8×7.00” bolt pattern for T-nut mounting, and a Lug-Drive system when using Wilwood’s 11.75”x0.81” GT slotted rotor #160-16923 with a stainless steel snap ring and float clips (available separately). Both allow dynamically mounted floating rotors for improved pedal feel and longer life and are interchangeable with the new XRZ Hub Axle Clamp. XRZ Splined Hub Kits are available standard on many Sprint inboard complete brake kits or as separate components to retrofit existing brake kits.

About Wilwood Engineering
Founded by Bill Wood in 1977, Wilwood Engineering designs and manufactures high-performance disc brakes and components from their headquarters in Camarillo, California. Products are engineered and rigorously tested for any application, creating unsurpassed braking quality and performance with sleek, modern designs. From race cars to classic cars, Wilwood has the brakes to stop you. For more information, contact Wilwood Engineering at

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