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Adding Shine to Your OBS: Billet Aluminum Interior Upgrades”

MARK OJA September 07, 2023 Feature Stories

Adding the Best Bling to Your OBS

The ’90s were packed with billet aluminum parts for the OBS pickups, almost to the point of overload. Billet aluminum parts are aftermarket components made from solid blocks of aluminum using a CNC machine. These parts are designed to replace or enhance the original components in an OBS truck. Billet aluminum is a high-quality material that offers excellent durability, corrosion resistance, and weight-reduction benefits.

Randy, owner of Spare Time Fab near Myerstown, Pennsylvania, has re-created the most popular OBS parts, including dash vents, console fillers, seat risers, seatbelt covers, HVAC covers, shifters, coat hooks, A/C vents, turn signal lever covers, coolant tanks, seat levers, and grab handles. Spare Time Fab’s quality parts will enhance the look of your OBS interior with solid billet bling. Let’s upgrade the Belltech tribute truck interior. Billet is back!

The Belltech tribute truck sports a stock interior—for now.
We removed the seat for easier access and to clean the carpet.
We replaced the sill plates with a rare set of vintage Belltech stainless sill plates.
The lower HVAC billet cover attaches easily with the provided hardware and looks great.
Slide the billet seatbelt covers down over the factory plastic housing and attach with the provided screws.
You can already see the transformation taking place.
Carefully pop out the the factory A/C vent from the bottom.
Remove the center vent —remember the plastic is 28 years, so take your time.
Insert the billet vent into the plastic factory holder.
Press the vent assemblies back into the dash.
The vents and lower HVAC billet really upgrade the look of the interior.
Remove the instrument cluster bezel and pop the factory vents out.
Trim the back of the right side vent so the billet vent can turn easily in the bezel.
Insert the new billet vents back into the bezel.
Reinstall the complete assembly back into the dash, making sure to clean everything while you’re there.
The factory shifter blends into its surroundings. Now it’s time for some bling.
Remove the lower plastic column cover and the bolt, holding the shifter in place.
The new billet shifter is a cleaner version of the factory unit.
The original coolant tank is 28 years old, and it shows.
The new billet tank looks amazing and will provide some much-needed flash.
Install the new tank with the supplied hardware. It’s a massive improvement.
The plastic OBS dash is prone to cracking around the bolt holes, as shown here.
The new billet vent installs overtop top the dash to lock it back in, providing a simple repair and great looks.


Spare Time Fab


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