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Step-by-Step: Replacing OBS Door Pins for Truck Door Perfection Part 1

MARK OJA September 20, 2023 Feature Stories

Replacing OBS Door Pins Door pins are essential components in a truck’s door hinges that allow for smooth opening and closing. Over time, wear and… Continue reading

Revamping the '88 Shortbed: Installing a Coilover Conversion

MARK OJA September 18, 2023 Feature Stories

Our ’88 Shortbed Gets a Suspension Upgrade A coilover conversion offers numerous benefits for an OBS pickup, providing enhanced adjustability, improved handling and stability, and customization… Continue reading

Adding Shine to Your OBS: Billet Aluminum Interior Upgrades"

MARK OJA September 07, 2023 Feature Stories

Adding the Best Bling to Your OBS The ’90s were packed with billet aluminum parts for the OBS pickups, almost to the point of overload.… Continue reading

The Break Down - ’88-’98 Chevy Truck Rearview Mirrors

MARK OJA October 04, 2022 OBS Builders Guide

One of the best things about ’88-’98 Chevy trucks is the wide range of options that were available not only in the aftermarket, but direct… Continue reading

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