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Step-by-Step: Replacing OBS Door Pins for Truck Door Perfection Part 1

MARK OJA September 20, 2023 Feature Stories

Replacing OBS Door Pins

Door pins are essential components in a truck’s door hinges that allow for smooth opening and closing. Over time, wear and tear can cause the bushings to wear out and the pins to become loose. This leads to sagging doors, which on a typical OBS also results in broken interior and exterior door handles. LMC Truck supplied a set of new pins and bushings. Let’s get the Billet Beater’s door back into like-new condition.

The Billet Beater driver-side door has seen a lot of use. The pins and bushings are worn, causing misalignment and hard opening. Let’s install the LMC Truck pin kit and correct this issue.
Support the door with a stand, a floor jack, or a best friend.
Remove the spring. We used a special tool from LMC Truck.
Compress the spring and pull it out, leaving it in the tool.
Remove the pin retaining clips.
LMC supplied this tool that makes pin removal very easy. Tap the pin up, insert the tool, tap up again, and it’s removed.
Use a brass punch to remove the bushings.
New pins and bushings come as set from LMC. We also picked up a new striker pin.
Gently tap the new bushings back into the hinge using a brass hammer, being careful to align them properly with the hinge.
Slide the door back into place. Line up the hinge holes and tap the pins back into place.
Reinstall the spring and pin retainers.
Replace the door striker.
Mission complete! The door is back in alignment and functions properly.



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