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OBS Truck Door Handles: Part Three Unveiled

MARK OJA November 27, 2023 Chevrolet

Replacing Inner and Outer Door Handles

There is nothing more frustrating than a broken door handle! The inside door handle on a OBS is a frequently used component that wears out and breaks over time. Worn out door pins and bushings can also lead to premature inner handles breaking.

The outer door handle can show signs of wear and tear, too. As it is crucial for accessing the vehicle, a faulty outer door handle can be quite inconvenient. Our shop dually has a broken driver-side handle. It still functions, but it is really annoying.

LMC truck supplied a new handle complete with clips. So let’s go through the process of replacing the inner and outer door handles on your OBS. There is a trick to getting this done easily without disconnecting all the inner panel wiring and rod , so follow along and restore functionality and enhance the overall appearance of your truck. Let’s do it!


The dually shop truck has the typical broken inside door handle from years of hard use.
Carefully remove the handle bezel. These kind to break easily, so take your time.
Remove the two screws in the door panel and gently pop it off the door.
There is one rivet holding the handle in place. Drill it out.
Slide the old handle forward and disconnect the handle and lock rod.
Connect the handle and lock rods and slide the new handle from LMC Truck into place.
Secure the handle with a new rivet. A piece of sheetmetal will also work. Now is the time to test the handle and lock before reinstalling the door panel.
The handle works perfectly, so the panel is reinstalled and the job is complete.


The dually has a broken outside door handle.
Remove the door panel screws.
Remove the mirror cover.
Remove the handle bezel.
Remove the window switch bezel and disconnect.
Carefully remove the complete door panel.
Here’s the trick to getting this job done quickly. Push up the tab on the lock cylinder and slide the lock out. This allows the complete handle to be easily removed. Disconnect the handle rod.
Now simply slide the lock back into the new handle, connect the rod, and bolt it in. Replace the door panel, and you’re done.


LMC Truck


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