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Back in Show-Season Mode with Exciting Upgrades and LST

Tucker Harris May 14, 2024 Diesel World

We are stoked to be back in our regular show-season mentality! Sled pulling has become an every-weekend occurrence around Florida, and with LST coming up we’re ready to kick it into gear and get back to sharing these awesome shows that some of you can’t attend.

The past month I’ve been working on getting my (no longer broken) transmission out of “Stock to Not” and back in the truck, as well as a SPICY s467 that takes the place of our stock replacement 362 so we can get to our 700hp goal.

This book is getting more and more dialed in every single issue, and our efforts to keep print outlets alive and well in our industry are being noticed by our readers. We’d be nothing without you guys and gals who still value picking up some tangible reading materials.

Thank you!


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