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Tucker Harris

Articles Published
Diesel World's Return to it's Roots

Tucker Harris February 19, 2024 Diesel World

Have you noticed a change in the last few issues of Diesel World? By now, regular subscribers and new readers have (hopefully!) seen that we’re… Continue reading

50 Years of Roaring Engines The Daytona Turkey Run

Tucker Harris February 13, 2024 Diesel World

Thanksgiving’s BEST automotive event In the heart of Florida, where the sun kisses the asphalt and the rumble of engines fills the air, the Daytona… Continue reading

Installation of a Belltech Rear Lowering Kit in Our 1994 RAM 2500

Tucker Harris February 09, 2024 Diesel World

An Iconic brand meets an iconic truck We’re happy to have you all back to see some more tech with us! This month we’re working… Continue reading

Must-Have Diesel Products for Your Ride

Tucker Harris February 02, 2024 Diesel World

01. ARP Introduces New Rod Bolt Kit for Ford 6.7L PowerStroke Ford’s popular 6.7L PowerStroke diesel engine, employed in 2011-present F-series pickup trucks, can now… Continue reading

Diesel Truck Performance Parts to Boost Power and Precision

Tucker Harris January 29, 2024 Diesel World

01. QUADZILLA ADRENALINE AND INJECTOR PERFORMANCE BUNDLE Looking for a little more out of your VP truck? This bundle is for you! Starting at $975.00,… Continue reading

Top-Notch Truck Parts for Peak Performance

Tucker Harris January 24, 2024 Diesel World

01. Atturo Tire/Trail Blade MTS The Trail Blade MTS is the first tire in Atturo’s Trail Blade Sport series. Atturo Trail Blade MTS offers three… Continue reading

Stock to Not's Project Truck Roars Back to Life!

Tucker Harris January 19, 2024 Diesel World

Our project truck is alive and kicking She lives! Stock to Not has honestly been a great reintroduction to doing a driveway-built project. It wasn’t… Continue reading

Transforming a Stock 1994 12-Valve Cummins

Tucker Harris December 04, 2023 Diesel World

The Road to a 700hp 12-Valve Diesel World’s newest venture is our 1994 Ram 2500, with the ol’ reliable 12-valve Cummins. We are setting out… Continue reading

Turbocharge Your Drive: The Latest in Diesel Performance Parts!

Tucker Harris October 09, 2023 Diesel World

01. ROADMASTER 6R140 2WD/4WD TRANSMISSION & CONVERTER PACKAGE FORD 6.7L POWER STROKE 2011-2019 The Roadmaster 6R140 transmission is BD’s base transmission, providing optimal performance and… Continue reading

Meet the Editor-at-Large: A Diesel Enthusiast's Vision for the Future

Tucker Harris September 25, 2023 Diesel World

Embracing the Diesel Lifestyle As a devoted enthusiast of custom and performance diesel vehicles, It’s with great excitement that I take on the role of… Continue reading

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