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Installation of a Belltech Rear Lowering Kit in Our 1994 RAM 2500

Tucker Harris February 09, 2024 Diesel World

An Iconic brand meets an iconic truck

We’re happy to have you all back to see some more tech with us! This month we’re working with our friends over at Belltech Suspension to take our stock-form Ram 2500 and add a 4-inch rear shackle and hangar kit along with Belltech’s Street Performance shocks so we can get that low, aggressive stance we’re going for. From our experience with this kit, we’ll improve our driveshaft angle and the ride.

Here you can see the finished look we are going to achieve. Three inches doesn’t sound like much, but it makes a massive difference in appearance.
We will be installing Belltech Shackle and Hanger Kit, Part #6592. This will give us a 4-inch drop in the rear.
Remove the rear lower shackle bolt and jack up the rearend to lift the spring out of the rear shackle mount.
We opted to use the lift to bring our box completely off the frame so we had plenty of room to install this kit.

Using a cutting wheel or similar tool, cut a slot through each rivet head on the front OEM spring hanger and remove the rivet heads with a chisel or air hammer.

Before installing the new hangers, we test fit everything to make sure it all fits correctly. The new hanger simply bolts into place and the leaf spring can be reattached.
After we got our shackle kit installed, we replaced our what look to be 30 year old shocks out. What a difference!

How great does this truck look now? Reliable, dependable, and aggressive-looking!


BellTech Suspension
Part #824


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