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Project Stock to Not: Dyno Day and Baseline Power Analysis

Tucker Harris April 02, 2024 Diesel World

An Update on Project Stock to Not

Photos by Tucker Harris

Today is an exciting day for us! We have been building this truck for a few months and it’s finally time to get her on the dyno. Our friend Brett with Boost King Tuning in Lake Helen, Florida, had extra time to get some baseline data for this build before we install our S467.7 turbocharger and really turn this truck up to its max capability.  But for now, let’s see what our S362 will do on our current setup.

We are anticipating this setup to make about  500-550 whp today, but like I said before, this really is about collecting data so we can learn how to get these old dinosaurs moving. Whichever transmission gear provides a 1:1 ratio is usually what dyno operators use, so we’re going to run our manual valve body trans in 3rd gear, in converter lockup. A lower gear may have the engine rev too quickly to provide the necessary sample rate for the dyno software due to the higher gear multiplication.

After a wheel speed calibration and load test on the dyno, we’re ready to get some runs in.

The final run that you see making the most power I opted to take the fuel plate out for a last-ditch effort to make the truck have some more power. It went up 40hp to 397hp/797 lb-ft of torque, which was our highest power and final run of the day.

Luckily, Brett is right down the street from us so we can come back to get some more runs in soon. I think we’re dealing with a boost leak that we’re not catching with the naked eye. Although it was a disappointing day in regard to our power goals, we actually have a baseline to see some improvement in our next set of dyno runs.

Our Current Fuel/Air Setup 

  • Smeding Diesel s362 T3 drop-in turbo
  • Dynomite Diesel stage 3-700hp fueling kit
  • 160hp P7100 pump, timed to 21 degrees +/-
  • 150-lb valve springs
  • ARP head studs
  • 7/16-inch Diesel Auto Power chromoly pushrods
  • FASS 165 diesel fuel system


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