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Electric and Eclectic electrifies Fully Charged Live UK!

Jerome Andre April 29, 2023 Uncategorized

The Fully Charged Show’s “Electric & Eclectic” area, powered by Fellten showcases many innovative conversion systems in Farnborough, near London, UK, all weekend.

Fellten’s flagship Universal Battery Pack and MINI┬« (BMW)-endorsed bolt-in conversion system for classic Minis are on display, along with a range of classic vehicles converted by the company’s partners from all over the UK.

Fellten also delivers EV-basic know-how on a complete conversion system based on their government-approved training programs. These offer technicians and mechanics government-certified skills and knowledge to work on electric cars and to convert internal combustion engine vehicles to electric powertrains.

Recharged Heritage will offer test drives of Classic Minis. The EV conversion revolution is definitely here to stay!


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