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Fully Charged Live Show in Sydney Australia a Huge Success!

Jerome Andre March 12, 2023 Uncategorized

Fully Charged Live, the world’s biggest electric vehicle show, debuted in Sydney, Australia, last weekend. The show was an absolute success, with many new electric vehicles presented and classic cars converted to EVs.

Visitors could test drive different EVs, and view some of the best EV conversions in the superb “Electric and Eclectic” area. It featured several popular classics converted into EVs, such as a Classic Range Rover and several VW buses.

Also, conversion solutions specialist, Fellten, introduced their unique ‘drop-in’ conversion system for Classic Minis and other exciting conversion solutions for 4×4 and classic cars.

Visitors could also get information on government incentives for EVs, learn about charging solutions, listen to guest speakers, and more.

They provided valuable insight into battery technology, charging infrastructure, and how governments can help promote EVs by providing incentives or subsidies. It was great to hear from experts helping pave the way for more widespread adoption of electric vehicles worldwide!

There were also plenty of activities for all ages – from racing simulators and robot-building workshops to a meet-and-greet with Tesla owners. It was an incredible experience that showed just how far the EV industry has come over the years.

We’re excited to see what other Fully Charged Live events like this will be held worldwide in 2023 and beyond!


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