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Orange Beach Invasion
March 25, 2021
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Spring Break at the Custom Car Show Orange Beach Invasion 2021

Spring Break 2021 means it is time for the custom car show Orange Beach Invasion at Orange Beach, Alabama. This event has all kinds of vehicles from minitrucks and lifted trucks to motorcycles and even race cars. There was even a 2020 Corvette at the end of the show grounds showing off some aftermarket wheels. The show is held at The Wharf which is one of the best venues ever for a car show.

This three day event spanned across the second week of March which starts a lot of spring break vacations. The crowds began to pack the venue on Friday and did not stop until Sunday evening!

The Street Trucks Magazine crew were at the show bringing viewers live coverage of the entire show. American Force had a massive turn out at this show as they had tons of lifted trucks setup on Main Street. Lifted trucks have become a huge part of the custom truck scene. The amount of detail they put into their trucks is bar none.  This is truly a car show for everyone!

As you watch the walkaround of the entire show grounds, you may notice several SEMA builds showing up to Orange Beach Invasion. This is a show of quality and it never disappoints! The hard work and dedication the builders put into their ride are really showcased at this event.

As the sun starts setting the fun isn’t over yet! The Wharf holds a custom light show synced to music each night of the show. Perfect for photo opportunities! Spectators can even ride the ferris wheel to the top and catch a skyline view of the show.

The crew walked the show grounds and got up close and personal with tons of amazing custom cars and trucks. As the trucks and cars rolled by, the live coverage feels as if you were actually there in person!

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