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Breaking Barriers with Innovation: Neil Tjin Edition Ford Mustang Mach-E

Neil Tjin Unleashes the Power of Innovation with His SEMA Award-Winning Mach-E

The story behind the Tjin Edition Ford Mustang Mach-E California Route 1 showcases the passion and dedication of a true automotive enthusiast. Neil Tjin from Laguna Niguel, California, has been immersed in the automotive industry since 1996, turning his hobby into a full-time job and a lifelong passion, building award-winning show EVs and electric trucks—and organizing one of the coolest EV events in the US: Electrify Expo’s Showdown.

And for those adventure-seekers, a custom hitch and 1up bike rack stand is ready to accommodate any two-wheeled companions.

“I am a huge fan of the EV space, and even though it is still new and upcoming, it is freaking awesome,” Neil says. “And being the director of the showoff, I get to meet fellow EV builders, we get to set the trends for the future, and I get to see cool EVs across the country. The space is hot, new, and exciting, just as I like!”

Having worked with Ford since 2009 on SEMA cars, in early 2020 he was again approached by the Blue Oval team and designers to take on the challenge of building and designing the all-new Mach-E for the prestigious Las Vegas trade show. The project kicked into high gear in August of that year as the car was delivered and parts started pouring in. With relentless determination, Neil and his team worked tirelessly for two months. Finally, the Tjin Edition Mach-E was completed, proudly occupying the spotlight at the legendary blue-carpeted Ford booth at the SEMA Show, where it won Best of Show Ford at SEMA! Winning was historic as the Tjin Edition Mach-E became the first-ever EV to clinch this esteemed honor.

The Tjin Edition Mach-E wouldn’t be complete without a jaw-dropping set of wheels and tires: Vossen ERA-3 wheels, sized at an impressive 22×9.5 inches, are coupled with Yokohama Paradas.

To illuminate the way, custom LED headlights from LightWurkz led the charge.

As you lay your eyes upon the Tjin Edition Mach-E, you can’t help but be captivated by its flawless custom paintjob. With a striking orange hue expertly applied by Neil’s brother, Gene, who runs Tjin Paint and Body, this immaculate paint job is enhanced even more by the BLK LBT DTL ceramic coating. The Vossen ERA-3 wheels measuring a jaw-dropping 22×9.5 inches and wrapped in Yokohama Parada Spec X also bring a new dimension to the Mach-E.

Now fitted with custom LED lighting, the front pony emblem shines with pride as it leads the way.

Ridin’ on Air

But it doesn’t stop there. Neil has gone above and beyond, fitting his Mustang with an Air Lift suspension system meticulously installed Mr. Alex from Hoppo’s Suspension. With Air Lift struts and Viair compressors working harmoniously, the Tjin Edition Mach-E glides effortlessly along California freeways in comfort. To top it off, the Baer 6S 6-piston front and rear brakes guarantee precise stopping power, instilling confidence in any driving situation.

Neil’s enthusiasm for the EV space is contagious. As the director of Electrify Showoff, he not only gets to witness the growth of the EV community but also actively contributes to shaping its future. The EV space is teeming with excitement and innovation, and Neil is thrilled to be at the forefront of this revolution, surrounded by fellow EV builders.

Step inside, and you’ll be greeted by two custom white Recaro seats adorned with teal highlights, creating an ambiance of pure elegance. Neil doesn’t skimp on the details, outfitting the interior with custom orange Seatbelt Planet seatbelts and a selection of electric two-wheeled rides from Razor and Super73 e-bikes, which is mounted to the rear of the Mach-E witha custom 1up bike rack. It’s clear that every aspect of the Tjin Edition Mach-E has been carefully crafted to create a cohesive package.

Daily Driver

Since the Tjin Edition Mach-E has become a fixture in its creator’s short-term and long-term plans, Neil has been driving the Mach-E for the last 20 months as his daily driver. It has also become a regular participant in West Coast events and various automotive gatherings, including the LA Auto Show and the Electrify Expo Showoff in Long Beach, California.

Building the Mach-E was no easy task. Numerous challenges existed as the Mustang was a brand-new vehicle at the time of the build with little aftermarket equipment. Neil humorously admits that nothing was easy, but if he had to choose, the full-color change paintwork stood out as a relatively smooth process, thanks to the car’s pristine condition. However, every other aspect posed a challenge since nothing was readily available for modifications.

Great Tips

Neil emphasizes the importance of taking your time when tackling a similar project, conducting thorough research in advance, and, most importantly, having fun. With the EV aftermarket becoming more accessible, the possibilities are limitless, and the Ford Mustang Mach-E presents itself as an incredible platform with immense potential—just like its grandmother in the ’60s!

The Baer 6S 6-piston front and rear brakes provide the stopping power needed for those adrenaline-filled moments.

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OWNER: Neil Tjin 

  • 2021 Ford Mach-E California Route 1
  • Location: Laguna Niguel, CA
  • Vehicle Name: Tjin Edition Mach-E
  • Club Affiliation: All Star Performance
  • Overall Vehicle Weight: 4,500 pounds
  • Amount of Time to Build: Three months
  • Cost to Build: “I stopped counting!”
  • Occupation: Director of Electrify Expo Showoff


  • Custom Air Lift suspension done by Hoppo’s Suspension
  • Air Lift struts
  • Viair compressors
  • Universal clear tank
  • Baer 6S 6-piston front and rear brakes


  • Vossen ERA-3 22×9.5-inch rims
  • Yokohama Parada Spec X in 265/35R22


  • Custom Mach-E GT front bumper, grille, and lip
  • Custom orange paintjob by Gene Tjin Paint and Body
  • Custom LED headlights by LightWurkz
  • Custom solar panel roof skin and louvers
  • Custom LED-lit front pony
  • Custom hitch and 1up bike rack
  • Custom teal and white Super73 E-bikes


  • Two custom Recaro seats
  • Custom orange Seatbelt Planet seatbelts
  • Custom electric Razors


  • Tjin Edition, Laguna Niguel, CA