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Crazy Narrowed Tesla System Mod!

Check out ‘Car-Roll Builds’ latest project as he puts a Telsa Model 3 motor in what might be the narrowest Tesla subframe ever made.

With some trial and error it is now ready to put under the car and on to the next phase of the EV conversion project. Give him a sub while you’re at it!






Knight Rider fan converts Tesla Model 3 into KITT

Knight Rider fan, Christian Simpson aka Perifractic, has been transforming his Tesla into a KITT ‘tribute’ Model 3 for the last few months.

His latest mods bring the 4-door EV closer than ever to looking like a modern-day Knight Industries Two Thousand

He’s recently installed custom Turbo Cast alike wheels, plus a spoiler, chrome delete, vanity plates and then some.

You might have seen him along with the rest of Family Fractic at Perifractic’s Retro Recipes on YouTube, or in small roles in the Star Wars & Avengers franchises, but here he is doing his best The Hoff impersonation.