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Transforming A 1994 Ram 2500 into a 700hp Street Truck

DW STAFF March 29, 2024 Diesel World

Putting our 94’ 12 valve through its paces

Stock to not is our 1994 Ram 2500 build that we have taken from “stock” form as a marketplace find, to “not”—a soon to be 700hp street truck. If you’ve been following along with us the past few issues, welcome back to another update.

We’ve got about 2,500 miles on the build now, with 1,000 of those with our new Belltech lowering kit. It leveled out the truck and created a nicer driveline angle, along with some awesome Belltech Street Performance shocks to help the ride. This truck is an absolute blast to drive and the Smeding Diesel s362 is a quick-lighting and great-sounding charger. But now we have kind of skipped the first “entry level” power upgrades to going to our 700hp DDP fueling setup so we are way over-fueling this charger.

Now that we’ve got our break-in miles and some new gauges to monitor what’s going on, we’re going to spend the next month getting some dyno testing in with our current air/fuel setup as we determine what S400 charger and 4-link setup we will go with to hit our 700hp goal. We’ll also get our Liberty Forged wheels bolted up so we’re more visually pleasing, too!

We’re really excited to get this truck to put down some reliable power and then have it ready for people who have been following along to be able to see this thing in person at LST and a bunch of other shows this year.


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