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Articles Published
Transforming A 1994 Ram 2500 into a 700hp Street Truck

DW STAFF March 29, 2024 Diesel World

Putting our 94’ 12 valve through its paces Stock to not is our 1994 Ram 2500 build that we have taken from “stock” form as… Continue reading

Sled Pulling Dominance | Smokin' Max

DW STAFF February 09, 2024 Chevrolet

2002 Chevrolet 2500HD Some people plan and build their trucks over a period of years; other people just come out of the gate storming. John… Continue reading

Highlights from Lifted Florida Truck Show 2023

DW STAFF December 18, 2023 All Feature Vehicles

Highlights from the Sunshine State There’s not a much better backdrop for a truck show than the Sunshine State. An awesome experience all around, the… Continue reading


DW STAFF November 27, 2023 Diesel World

Highlights from the biggest show in Carlisle history Like they do every August, truck lovers from all over the country flock to Carlisle, PA for… Continue reading


DW STAFF November 22, 2023 Diesel World

01. Air Lift Company Releases New Universal Air Spring Cradle Designed with lifted trucks in mind, the Universal Air Spring Cradle will keep your height… Continue reading

Scheid Diesel Extravaganza 2023: Uniting Diesel Enthusiasts in Power-Packed Action

DW STAFF November 16, 2023 Diesel World

As usual, we had a blast at Scheid Diesel Extravaganza (SDX) this year. Hosted by Scheid Diesel, SDX is the ultimate gathering for diesel fanatics… Continue reading

Highlights from Music City Showdown 2023!

DW STAFF October 05, 2023 Diesel World

Nashville’s Ultimate Automotive Extravaganza! Step into the heart of Tennessee’s automotive culture at Music City Showdown 2023 – an electrifying event that brought diesel enthusiasts… Continue reading

First Impressions and Lasting Thrills: The iDrive Throwdown Diesel Truck Show Debut

DW STAFF September 20, 2023 Diesel World

First Annual Diesel Truck Show Buckle up for an adrenaline-fueled ride into the heart of the first-ever iDrive Throwdown Truck Show! Dezerland Park in Orlando,… Continue reading

Diesel Powerhouse: Discover the Ultimate Products for Your Truck's Performance

DW STAFF August 07, 2023 Diesel World

01 Banks’ Ram-Air Diff Covers The ultimate aftermarket differential cover for your late-model Super Duty’s Sterling 10.5 or Dana M275 rear axle is produced by… Continue reading

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