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John Mata Jr.

Articles Published
DelFAB's Remarkable 2023 F-350 Super Duty Transformation

John Mata Jr. February 14, 2024 Buyer’s Guides

DelFAB’s Retro Inspired, Free Wheeling 2023 F-350  Photos by Solomon Lunger  Not all truck builds are quite the same. Sometimes, the desired result is an… Continue reading


John Mata Jr. February 07, 2024 F100 Builders Guide

Memories of a Brother Forged in Steel Photos by Devan Ence Some might look at this truck, as amazing as it sits in beautiful bare-metal skin,… Continue reading

A Modern Twist on the 1993 Ford F-150 Lightning

John Mata Jr. February 06, 2024 Buyer’s Guides

Learning how to Ride the Lightning  Photos by brAndon burRell The Ford F-150 Lightning was and still is a very exciting performance-based pickup model. The… Continue reading

Low and Loaded: Mike Guillot's 2007 Silverado Transformation

John Mata Jr. January 23, 2024 Chevrolet

Mike Guillot’s Denali-Clipped ’07 Silverado There’s nothing more awe-inspiring than going to a custom truck show, especially if it’s one as epic as Lone Star… Continue reading

The Story of Fullhook Performance's Cummins-Powered Ford F-5

John Mata Jr. January 19, 2024 Diesel World

Fullhook Performance’s Mopar-Powered ’51 Ford F-5 There comes a time when you see something so cool and unique that it just gets ingrained into your… Continue reading

Classic Car Studio's Masterpiece - The 1956 F-600 Crew Cab

John Mata Jr. January 16, 2024 Street Trucks

Classic Car Studio’s Crew Cab ’56 F-600 It’s always amazing to see what true automotive artisans can pull off with old, rusted-out vehicles. Top-tier shops… Continue reading

MINT2B: The McElroy Family's Sentimental Journey with a '66 C10

John Mata Jr. January 11, 2024 C10 Builders Guide

The McElroy Family’s ’66 How many great personalized license plate ideas have you had that are sadly unavailable once you check with the DMV? We’d… Continue reading

A Blast from the Past: The Restoration of the Legendary Ballistic Toyota

John Mata Jr. January 10, 2024 Feature Stories

The Recreation of a Mini-Truck Legend Hop with us into Mr. Peabody’s Wayback Machine as we set the dial to January 1993. While it might… Continue reading

Power and Precision: LT4-Powered 1971 C10

John Mata Jr. January 09, 2024 Buyer’s Guides

Nathen McEown’s LT4-Powered 1971 C10 It takes a lot of work to get the exact truck that you want. Whether you are putting in the… Continue reading

Crafting a Family Dream: A Custom 1962 Ford Galaxie

John Mata Jr. January 02, 2024 Diesel World

Kodie’s 6L Powered ’62 Ford Galaxie Country Squire Investing time and money on building a custom vehicle can be somewhat of a slippery slope. Depending… Continue reading

Back to the '90s: A Nostalgic Journey with Craig's 1998 Chevy 1500

John Mata Jr. December 27, 2023 Chevrolet

Taking It Back to the Old School Thanks to the rising popularity of GM OBS pickups and SUVs, a much wider assortment of models are… Continue reading

Cody Fordahl's 1972 F-250 Highboy

John Mata Jr. December 22, 2023 All Feature Vehicles

Fordahl Bilt’s 7.3-Powered Bumpside F-250 In a scene where there is such a definitive line drawn in the dirt that divides lowered and lifted trucks,… Continue reading

Reviving a Vintage 1963 F-100 with Passion and Perseverance

John Mata Jr. December 21, 2023 All Feature Vehicles

Pot O’ Gold Kustoms’ 1963 F-100 There’s no better truck story than one that centers around the life-long learning journey of a grounded, self-taught auto… Continue reading

The Transformation of a '00 Ford F350

John Mata Jr. December 20, 2023 All Feature Vehicles

A ‘00 Ford F350 Packing Serious Punch Holden Stortz of Perryville, Missouri is only 25 years old, but he has known this ’00 F350 his… Continue reading

Fly'n Lion: A Rolling Memorial of a 1968 F-100

John Mata Jr. December 19, 2023 All Feature Vehicles

Memories of a Brother Forged in Steel Some might look at this truck, as amazing as it sits in beautiful bare-metal skin, and see transport… Continue reading

The Revival of a 1959 Chevy Apache

John Mata Jr. December 15, 2023 All Feature Vehicles

A ’59 Chevy Apache Pulled From the Ashes If you watched any bit of live television and/or online coverage of northern California’s Camp Fire in… Continue reading

2023 Gift-Giving Guide for Truck Enthusiasts

John Mata Jr. December 13, 2023 Buyer’s Guides

Street Trucks’ 2023 Holiday Gift-Giving Guide It’s that time of year again! The holidays are upon us, as is the stress of figuring out what… Continue reading

Dual Duty Denali: GMC 2016 2500HD

John Mata Jr. December 07, 2023 All Feature Vehicles

The Perfect Mixture of Business and Pleasure Believe it or not; this mean, clean GMC 2500HD Denali pickup is a working farm truck. Yeah, we… Continue reading

David Garcia's 2001 F-250 Comeback

John Mata Jr. December 06, 2023 Diesel World

A Strong Return From hard luck Those who have had a special vehicle stolen from them know that the ordeal is an emotional mixture of… Continue reading

C10 Upgrade Essentials

John Mata Jr. December 01, 2023 Buyer’s Guides

Your OnE-Stop C10 Shopping List 1973-’88 Chevy Pickup Cab Molding Sets These rear cab molding kits from OER are available in two different options—one for… Continue reading

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