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Mike McGlothlin

Articles Published
Revolutionizing 6.7L Power Stroke Performance: The CPX by RCD Performance"

Mike McGlothlin September 12, 2023 Diesel World

The Ultimate CP4.2 For Your 6.7L Power Stroke For more than a decade, dealerships, independent shops, and private truck owners have been dealing with CP4.2… Continue reading

Preserving Power and Style: The Rebirth of a 2001 Dodge Ram 2500

Mike McGlothlin June 20, 2023 Diesel World

A Restored and Reborn 550HP ’01 Dodge You can’t buy trucks like this anymore, but if you’re a dyed-in-the-wool second-gen fan, you can certainly do… Continue reading

BEAST MODE | A 12-Valve ’49 Power Wagon on 39’s

Mike McGlothlin December 16, 2021 All Feature Vehicles

What happens when you treat the baddest 1-ton 4×4 of all time to a 12-valve Cummins swap, Dana 60 and 14-bolt axles, and completely modernize… Continue reading

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