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1946 Dodge Pickup Logan, Utah

Motortopia Staff , 24th November, 2022

  • 1946 Dodge Pickup Logan, Utah
  • 1946 Dodge Pickup Logan, Utah
  • 1946 Dodge Pickup Logan, Utah
  • 1946 Dodge Pickup Logan, Utah
  • 1946 Dodge Pickup Logan, Utah

Bill Williams



    • Shop: HS Customs
    • Chevrolet LQ4 6.0L V-8
    • COMP Cams with custom turbo grind
    • SLP high-volume oil pump
    • Stock cylinder heads with titanium springs and retainers
    • COMP Cams chrome-moly pushrods
    • ARP hardware
    • Stock modified roller bearings
    • Flex-a-lite fan
    • Custom radiator
    • Custom air intake with K&N filter
    • Garrett GT42 turbo
    • Modified stock headers
    • HS Customs exhaust with Magnaflow mufflers
    • HS Customs custom gas tank with Aeromotive fuel pump
    • GM Performance valve covers
    • MSD wiring
    • Custom aluminum motor cover and engine bay


    • Shop: HS Customs
    • Chevrolet S-10 front suspension
    • Bell Tech spindles
    • Ridetech Shockwaves front and rear
    • Wilwood 12-inch brakes with four-piston calipers
    • Hydroboost Brake Booster
    • Back-halved rear frame
    • 4-link suspension
    • Moser narrowed rearend
    • Moser 31-spline axle shafts


    • 18x8 Raceline GT with KO cap front wheels, 20x10 rear wheels, both polished and painted
    • 245/40R18 Pirelli tires front, 295/40R20 Pirelli tires rear


    • Shop: HS Customs
    • 2-inch chop
    • Crafty-B Gas Cap
    • Street Rod Headquarters headlights
    • Dodge front running lights modified to be taillights
    • Stock bed floor restored with HS Customs bed slats
    • Sectioned fenders
    • Shortened bed
    • PPG Custom mix copper paint
    • Pinstriping by Gene Chambers


    • Shop: HS Customs
    • Hand-tooled leather upholstery by Kenny Eggleston of HS Customs
    • Modified stock dashboard
    • One-piece headliner
    • Custom aluminum seats
    • Billet Specialties Lakester steering wheel
    • Aluminum firewall, seats, door panels, can wall and floor
    Special Thanks from Owner: Kenny Eggleston, Gene Chambers, Turbo Re-Source, Gillett Diesel and Blazzard

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