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Mike Self February 23, 2024 Chevrolet

Photos by Brandon Burrell/Burrell Images There’s a lot to be said for going wild with a custom build and making sure that people take notice.… Continue reading

Fordahl Bilt's 1972 F-250 with a 7.3 Powerstroke

John Mata Jr. February 22, 2024 Buyer’s Guides

Fordahl Bilt’s 7.3-Powered Bumpside F-250 Photos by thomas seabury In a scene where there is such a definitive line drawn in the dirt that divides… Continue reading

The Electric Transformation of a Classic 1968 Chevy El Camino

Jamieson G. DuRette February 21, 2024 Chevrolet

Breathing Life into an Iconic Electric Camino Photos by Jamieson G. DuRette I have spent my life teaching students about materials, processes, and engineering and… Continue reading

Turbocharged 2006 Ram 2500 Build

Lindsey Fisher February 21, 2024 Diesel World

A ‘Factory’ ’06 Ram 2500 that Stands Out and Competes Photos by Mach1Media We know what you’re thinking—while it may be a very clean looking… Continue reading

Speed, Legacy, and Innovation: Sierra Echo EV Block Edition

EVBG STAFF February 20, 2024 Electric Vehicle Features

Racing Into the Future Photos by the EVBG and Sierra Teams In the heart of Colorado’s iconic Pikes Peak, history was etched anew on June… Continue reading


Jerome Andre February 20, 2024 Electric Vehicle Features

Bucky “Shotty” Howard’s 2020 Tesla Model 3 SR+ Photos by Jerome Andre In the world of custom car enthusiasts, few stories capture the spirit of… Continue reading

Highlights from Electrify Expo 2023

EVBG STAFF February 19, 2024 EV Builders Guide

Electrify Expo Austin’s Electric Showcase Photos by Jose Valdez Austin, Texas, recently hosted the last 2023 edition of Electrify Expo, a landmark event in North… Continue reading

Diesel World's Return to it's Roots

Tucker Harris February 19, 2024 Diesel World

Have you noticed a change in the last few issues of Diesel World? By now, regular subscribers and new readers have (hopefully!) seen that we’re… Continue reading

Exploring the Significance of Electrical Bonding in EVs

LEGACY EV February 16, 2024 EV Builders Guide

How Electrical Bonding Can Save Your Life Photos by Legacy EV As cooler months descend upon us, so do tacky wool sweaters. If you’ve had… Continue reading

Two Decades of Dropt N Destroyed: A Journey in Truck Show Excellence

PHIL GORDAN February 16, 2024 Events

What’s the Secret to the Show’s Longevity? TO those in the know, it’s no secret that there is a specific formula for creating a solid,… Continue reading

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