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1962 Ford F-100

Motortopia Staff , 23rd November, 2022

  • 1962 Ford F-100
  • 1962 Ford F-100
  • 1962 Ford F-100
  • 1962 Ford F-100
  • 1962 Ford F-100

Wayne Gum



    • 1987 Ford 351-ci Windsor V-8
    • 5-Star Engine & Cylinder Head Exchange Inc. Glendale, AZ
    • Factory crank reground .010
    • Factory rods
    • Speed Pro flattop pistons
    • Speed Pro rings
    • Lunati Bootlegger camshaft
    • Factory Ford timing set
    • Lunati lifters, push rods, springs and valves
    • Ford Windsor cast-iron cylinder heads
    • Eldelbrock aluminum water pump
    • Weiand Stealth aluminum intake
    • Edelbrock 650-cfm carb
    • Summit Racing valve covers
    • Chevy pickup aluminum radiator with dual Spal electric fans and shroud
    • Hedman headers with alumicoat finish
    • 3-inch custom exhaust
    • Flowmaster dual chamber mufflers
    • JAZ 12-gallon fuel tank


    • Ford C6 Select Shift Cruise-O-Matic three-speed automatic
    • Hughes 2,800-rpm stall converter
    • Hughes valve body shift kit


    • 1962 Ford F-100
    • Front frame rails Z-notched and step-notched
    • Front cross member by Scott’s Hotrods


    • Wilwood 12-inch front brakes
    • Wilwood four-piston front calipers
    • Chevrolet rear drum, brake booster and dual master cylinder


    • Mustang II IFS
    • Scott’s Hotrods front cross member
    • Scott’s Hotrods 2-inch drop spindles and Super Slam airbags
    • Bell Tech Toxic shocks
    • Rear wishbone 4-link and pan hard bar
    • Chevrolet 12-bolt rearend
    • Chevrolet third member with posi Eaton Trutrac
    • Chevrolet stock axles
    • 3.73 gears
    • Viair compressor, valves, switches and air tank


    • Bonspeed Crokus polished 18x7 front, Crokus polished 20x10 rear


    • Falken Azenis 225/45R-18 front, Azenis 275/40R-20 rear


    • Paint, pinstriping and lettering by Gary Crisp
    • Natural patina and Sikkens Rangoon Red and White


    • Big Mike’s and Phoenix Upholstery
    • Genuine simulated red leather
    • Marine black carpet
    • Rhino bedliner
    • Factory bench red vinyl with custom cup holders
    • Red steel door panels
    • CPP steering column and billet aluminum column shifter
    • Grant Classic Series chromed, three-spoke steering wheel
    • Factory gauges

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