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1962 Ford F100

Motortopia Motortopia , 30th September, 2021

  • 1962 Ford F100
  • 1962 Ford F100
  • 1962 Ford F100
  • 1962 Ford F100
  • 1962 Ford F100

Mike Alexander


    • 2017 Gen2 Coyote
    • 6r80 6speed Auto trans
    • Power by the hour controls pack and tune
    • Custom headers from Ultimate Headers
    • Custom intake
    • Custom exhaust
    • American Autowire standalone
    • Wired and fired by Shawn Robinson at FLO
    • Baer 14inch Extreme+6p front and rear
    • Adapted factory 2017 GT Mustang master and pedal
    • Full GSI bumper to bumper chassis
    • GSI fuel cell
    • GSI Billet watts link
    • FLO Airride new billet rail
    • FLO Airride custom billet tank and compressors
    • Air Lift 3H management
    • XS Power FLO collab batteries
    • Built and assembled by Anthony at FLO
    • Custom driveshaft
    • Custom Currie Enterprises shortened rear, posi
    • Completely powder coated chassis and suspension
    • Custom copper painted accent pieces (AK Airbrushing with All Real Rose Gold)
    • Detroit Steel 20inch Artillery
    • 20x8 front, 20x11 rear
    • Diamond back whites (Toyo Proxes), 255/30/22 and 285/30/22

    • 1962 F100 Cab mated with 1964 F100 bed
    • A TON of smoothing and body work
    • Shaved cowl, gas door, bumper holes, rear bumper, bed, etc
    • Un-farm-trucking the “farm truck”
    • Custom stamped “FLO” tailgate skin and roll pan from Donnie at GSL Customs
    • Custom tailgate skin “inner” swapped back with the “FORD” letters
    • Completely custombuilt bed floor, tubs, and wood bed floor structure
    • Custom hood hinges from TSD Metalworks
    • Body and paint by the team at AK Airbrushing (Alan, Jose, Felix, Junior, Pablo, Jorge, and Abe)
    • Custom “copper” accents throughout using All Real Gold 18kt Rose Gold
    • Bedwood custom bedfloor with copper rails and hidden hardware
    • TMI bench seat
    • Shaved and painted the entire interior
    • Dakota Digital gauges
    • Colorado Custom steering wheel
    • Flaming river column and steering adapters
    • Lokar shifter custombuilt to adapt to Mustang auto trans
    • Billet handles and cranks painted copper
    • Custom pedals by TSD Metalworks
    • Interior carpet, kicks, and finishing touches by Ramon at Gonzales Upholstery

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