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1962 Ford Unibody Cedar, IA Severed Ties

Motortopia Staff , 5th July, 2022

  • 1962 Ford Unibody Cedar, IA Severed Ties
  • 1962 Ford Unibody Cedar, IA Severed Ties
  • 1962 Ford Unibody Cedar, IA Severed Ties
  • 1962 Ford Unibody Cedar, IA Severed Ties
  • 1962 Ford Unibody Cedar, IA Severed Ties



    • Work performed by owner and Von Chounlamany of Laodies Kustomz
    • 4.6L Police Interceptor mod motor with automatic transmission
    • Wrapped 3-inch cold air intake
    • Custom headers
    • Flowmaster 40 series mufflers with 2.5-inch exhaust
    • Narrowed 9-inch Ford rearend
    • Custom engine and transmission mounts
    • Tanks, Inc. custom rear frame-mounted fuel tank
    • Kwik Wire wiring harness


    • Work performed by owner and Von Chounlamany of Laodies Kustomz
    • 1976 Camaro front clip
    • Custom tubular control arms
    • CPP dropped spindles
    • CPP disc brake kit with booster/master cylinder
    • Custom rear back-half frame
    • Wishbone 3-link rear suspension
    • Firestone 2,600-pound airbags front
    • Firestone 2,500-pound airbags rear


    • Brown leather and suede by Specialized Stitch Company
    • Mercedes loop carpet
    • 4x4 transmission tunnel
    • Custom speaker/amplifier enclosure
    • Custom kick panels
    • Dakota Digital VHX series gauges
    • Vintage Air Gen 3 climate control system
    • Con2R steering wheel
    • Kicker PXIBT50.2 head unit
    • Kicker component speakers
    • Kicker amplifiers
    • Kicker 10-inch subwoofer
    • Lizard Skin sound-deadening material


    • 22x8.5 and 22x12-inch rear Intro Flow
    • 235/30ZR22 front and 315/25ZR22 rear Lionhart tires


    • Shop: Michael Lee of Mykals Custom Auto & Paint
    • Body-drop
    • Smoothed hood and cowl panel
    • Shaved emblems
    • Custom tailgate hinges
    • Raised bed floor
    • Extended and capped rocker panels
    • Rebuilt factory cab steps and cab floor
    • S-10 ribbed panel bed floor/custom sheet metal work
    • Custom wheel tubs
    • House of Kolor custom-mixed blue paint
    • Cream and variegated gold leaf custom stripes
    • Chrome grille and bumper
    • Fresh Seals by Precision Replacement Parts
    SPECIAL THANKS FROM THE OWNER: “The Lord above for giving me the opportunity to live out my dreams; the build team who continually went the distance throughout the project; my mom and dad for everything they have done to support me over the years; my wife, Liz, for allowing me to be away from home to work on cars/trucks and supporting me through the process; and Von Chounlamany for teaching me everything I know and being a mentor and brother for all of these years. I wouldn’t be anywhere without him. Also thanks to Michael Lee for the paint and bodywork and for a great new friendship; Ross Johns for his talents on the interior; Jason Chounlamany for everything he has done and continues to do to help me over the years; Mark Zarate for all of his help along the way; Nate Quinlin and Bill Byrd for their help on the interior; Chris Lund for tuning the engine; all of my sponsors for helping me out with the most amazing products the industry has to offer: Vintage Air, CPP, Flowmaster, Con2R,Intro Wheels, Tanks, Inc., Precision Replacement Parts, Lizard Skin, Kwik Wire, Kicker Audio and Dakota Digital. Special thanks to Street Trucks magazine for recognizing, photographing and featuring my truck. Everyone else who has helped me along the way, thanks for everything and God bless you all!”

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