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1962 Ford Unibody F-100 Sandy, UT

Motortopia Staff , 8th November, 2022

  • 1962 Ford Unibody F-100 Sandy, UT
  • 1962 Ford Unibody F-100 Sandy, UT
  • 1962 Ford Unibody F-100 Sandy, UT
  • 1962 Ford Unibody F-100 Sandy, UT
  • 1962 Ford Unibody F-100 Sandy, UT

Randy Weaver



    • 1996 Cummins diesel
    • Block deburred and machined
    • Common Rail camshaft
    • Ported and polished head
    • Custom valves
    • Custom radiator
    • Spal cooling fans
    • Hand-fabbed intake manifold and stainless air intake
    • 13mm P series pump
    • Compound turbocharger set up good for 100 psi
    • Stead Speed exhaust manifold
    • Custom 4- and 5-inch exhaust with Flow master mufflers
    • 1,000-rwhp
    • Engine assembled by: Randy Weaver and Justin Askerland


    • Custom distressed seats
    • One-piece leather headliner
    • Custom center console with 1845 Colt centerpiece
    • Custom all-steel dash
    • Dakota Digital gauges
    • Billet Specialties steering wheel
    • Vintage Air
    • Custom one-off sterling silver door pulls engraved with “Django” handcrafted by saddle maker Jud Judd
    • Interior done by: Justin Stephens of JS Custom Interiors
    • Full Kicker stereo system with QS series speakers and Hideaway subwoofers and amplifiers
    • Stereo installation by: Weavers Customs


    • Wheels: Polished 20- and 24-inch Boze wheels
    • Tires: 245/35/20 and 405/25/24 Pirelli tires


    • Chopped 1.5 inches
    • Windshield laid back 1.5 inches
    • Custom hood with floating emblems and leather hood straps
    • Custom hand-fabbed grille
    • Custom race-styled front and rear bumpers with diffuser in the rear
    • Widened front fenders 1.5 inches and moved up 1.5 inches
    • Custom bed shortened 1 inch with smoothed and custom bed floor
    • Suicide doors
    • Shaved drip rails
    • Roofline extended ½ inch
    • Custom belt line treatment
    • Custom Axalta Chai Bronze/Silverstone Gray paint
    • Custom Silverstone Gray graphics
    • Laser Red pinstriping
    • Semi-gloss accents throughout
    • Bodywork and paint done by: Weavers Customs


    • Adjustable four-bar rear suspension
    • Custom rear back-half to accommodate the massive tires
    • Crown Vic front suspension moved up to achieve the right stance
    • Ridetech double adjustable shocks and control arms
    • Wilwood 14-inch brakes and master cylinder
    • Ford 9-inch rearend with custom-narrowed housing
    • Detroit locker with 3.89 gears
    • 31-spline axles
    • Custom wheelbase
    • Performed by: Weaver Customs

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