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1964 Ford F-100 Burleson, TX

Motortopia Staff , 23rd May, 2022

  • 1964 Ford F-100 Burleson, TX
  • 1964 Ford F-100 Burleson, TX
  • 1964 Ford F-100 Burleson, TX
  • 1964 Ford F-100 Burleson, TX
  • 1964 Ford F-100 Burleson, TX

Dustin McLeod



    • Work performed by Scot Rods Garage and Trans Doctor
    • 2006 Chevy LS 5.3L V-8
    • TSP valve covers
    • Converted to carbureted setup
    • Edelbrock Performer intake manifold
    • Holley 750-cfm carburetor
    • Billet Specialties air cleaner
    • Bullet Cams camshaft
    • Crane hardened pushrods and beehive valve springs
    • Gibson headers
    • Custom Stainless Works exhaust
    • Griffin aluminum radiator
    • SPAL electric fans
    • American Autowire wiring harness
    • Tanks, Inc. 1968 Mustang fuel tank
    • 2006 GM 4L60E transmission
    • Precision 3,500-rpm stall converter
    • B&M shift kit
    • B&M shifter
    • Ford 8.8-inch rearend


    • Work performed by Scot Rods Garage
    • 2010 Ford Crown Victoria front clip
    • Frame notched
    • Scot Rods Garage 4-link
    • RideTech coil-overs
    • F-150 rear brakes
    • Wilwood brake master cylinder


    • 19x8 and 20x10 SVE series 3 wheels in silver metallic with machined lip
    • 245/35ZR19 and 275/35ZR20 Nitto tires


    • Work performed by Creative Paint Worx and Scot Rods Garage
    • Molded steel roll pan
    • Custom fuel filler
    • DuPont Smoke Quartz paint
    • New trim from LMC Truck
    • New glass from Mike’s Auto Glass


    • Work performed by Keith Kirk Upholstery and Scot Rods Garage
    • Factory bench seat refinished with red leather
    • Simpson seat belts
    • Custom leather-trimmed door panels
    • Custom center console
    • Clayton Machine Works billet handles
    • Classic Instruments gauges
    • Restomod Air climate control setup
    • Flaming River steering column
    • Billet Specialties steering wheel
    SPECIAL THANKS FROM THE OWNER: “Scot Rods Garage, Creative Paint Worx, Justin at Detailing Garage, Restomod Air, Keith Kirk and my wife, Angelina.”

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