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1964 Ford F-100

Motortopia Staff , 21st December, 2021

  • 1964 Ford F-100
  • 1964 Ford F-100
  • 1964 Ford F-100
  • 1964 Ford F-100
  • 1964 Ford F-100




    • Front: Industrial chassis Dodge Dakota-based IFS
    • Control Arms: Michigan Metal Works super pivot
    • Rear: Custom back half with Thorbros universal wishbone three-link
    • Shocks: Ford F-150 shocks
    • Air Management: Air Lift 3h, two billet FLO Airride tanks, Viair comps
    • Brakes: Dodge Dakota front disc, Ford Explorer rear disc, Ford Superduty master cylinder and hydroboost


    • Wheels Front: Delmo Specials Intro billets 22x9-inch
    • Wheels Rear: Delmo Specials rear 22x12-inch
    • Tires Front: Pirelli PZERO NERO 255/30ZR22
    • Tires Rear: Pirelli PZERO NERO 315/25ZR22


    • Seats: Factory bench seat covered in Mexican blanket


    • Engine: Stock 4BT
    • Intake: Custom air-to-water intercooler intake and charge pipes all pie cut
    • Header/exhaust: Cut down 6BT turbo manifold
    • Transmission: Ford M5OD late model Ford F-150 trans
    • Rear end: 8.8-inch Ford explorer with lsd with narrowed Moser Engineering axles
    • Misc.: High flow delivery valves, 3k governor springs, Holset HE341 turbo, advanced pump timing


    • Body Mods: 5/8-inch body drop to lay flat
    • Off road ledbars, split 7-inch LED headlights, white rock/wheel lights
    • Paint: Ford factory paint, Red & White 55 years old
    Special Thanks from Owner: “Huge thanks to my wife Kaalyn Norvell for always putting up with my crazy hobbies, Angel Dooly and Mike Alexander for putting together a cool little piece on my truck. Really looking forward to meeting many more of you!”

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