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1966 Ford F-100

Motortopia Staff , 8th December, 2022

  • 1966 Ford F-100
  • 1966 Ford F-100
  • 1966 Ford F-100
  • 1966 Ford F-100
  • 1966 Ford F-100

James Wood and Tony Wood



    • Shop: Tony’s Hot Rod Shop
    • 1995 Ford 302 V-8
    • Holley 670 Street Avenger carb
    • Parker NASCAR-style intake
    • RHS aluminum heads
    • Comp Xtreme Energy roller cam
    • MSD ignition
    • Speedway Motors ceramic-coated headers
    • 2.5-inch exhaust with X-pipe
    • Polished Black Widow mufflers
    • Billet Specialties pulley system
    • Champion radiator
    • Ford Racing valve covers
    • Polished air cleaner
    • 1962 Ford F-100 inner fender panels
    • Wilwood master cylinder on the smooth firewall
    • Platinum silver point in the engine compartment
    • Ford three-speed automatic
    • Centerforce flywheel
    • B&M shift kit


    • Shop: Tony’s Hot Rod Shop
    • Boxed and C- notched frame
    • Tubular transmission cross member
    • Fatman Fabrications front end
    • 1-inch drop springs and 2-inch drop spindles
    • No Limit Fatbar 4-link
    • 8.8 Ford Explorer rear narrowed 4 inches on each side
    • 3.73 gears and 31-spline Moser axles
    • QA1 adjustable coil-overs
    • Six-piston Wilwood front brakes, four-piston in the rear


    • 18x9 Billet Specialties Draggers up front
    • 265/35R18 Sunny front tires
    • 20x15 Billet Specialties Daggers in the rear
    • 29x18.00x20 Mickey Thompson rear tires


    • Shop: Tony’s Hot Rod Shop, body
    • Donnie Massey of D&H Construction, wood bed
    • All body seams welded
    • Cowl vent welded shut
    • Rocker panels cut and 1 inch added to door bottoms
    • Door corners and drip rails rounded
    • Kindig-It door handles
    • Specialty side mirrors
    • Front bumper narrowed 4 inches and tucked
    • LumTronix White Diamond Halo headlights
    • Double wall bed with oversize tubs
    • Smooth roll pan and tailgate
    • Pros Pick filler neck in bed floor
    • Curly maple bed floor
    • Platinum Silver engine room, frame and the bottom of the cab and bed
    • Four coats PPG Absolute Red and four coats clear both by James Wood


    • Tony’s Hot Rod Shop, fabrication and paint
    • Stewart’s Kustom Upholstery, Adamsville, AL, upholstery
    • Contoured bench seat
    • Matching door panels and headliner
    • Brown Havana leather
    • Sheet metal added to the doors
    • Custom gauge cluster in a custom dash
    • Veethree instrument package
    • Alpine CDE-124SXM receiver
    • Two 6.5-inch component sets in the kick panels
    • Center console with Lokar shifter
    • Vintage Air
    • Clayton Machine Works pedals and door handles
    • Billet Specialties Stiletto wheel
    • Cinnamon-colored loop carpeting
    SPECIAL THANKS FROM THE OWNER: “Thanks to Jim and Tony at Red Line LumTronix and Alan Lightsey for his last- minute powder coating of hinges and latches.”

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