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1971 Dodge D-100

Motortopia Staff , 19th April, 2022

  • 1971 Dodge D-100
  • 1971 Dodge D-100
  • 1971 Dodge D-100
  • 1971 Dodge D-100
  • 1971 Dodge D-100

Scot Rods Garage



    • Work performed by Scot Rods Garage and Dederichs Motorsports
    • GM 6.0L LS engine
    • Frankenstein Engine Dynamics aluminum heads
    • GM Performance hydraulic roller lifters
    • GM LSX/LS3 dual plane intake manifold
    • Quickfuel 780-cfm carburetor
    • Cadillac-style air cleaner
    • LSA exhaust manifolds
    • Stainless Works 2.5-inch exhaust
    • 1979 Bronco radiator
    • Ford Mark VIII cooling fans
    • MSD ignition
    • Painless Performance wiring harness
    • TREMEC T56 manual transmission
    • McLeod clutch
    • American Drivetrain driveshaft


    • Work performed by Scot Rods Garage
    • Chassis shortened
    • 2005 Ford Crown Victoria front sub-frame
    • 2013 Chevrolet front brakes with Brembo rotors
    • Wilwood master cylinder
    • 2010 Dodge Challenger IRS
    • SRT8 35-spline half shafts
    • RideTech coil-overs
    • Addco front sway bar
    • Eibach rear sway bar
    • 1967 Mustang fuel tank


    • 20x8.5 and 20x10 Niche Milan wheels
    • 255/35ZR20 and 315/35ZR20 Nitto NT05 tires


    • Work performed by Jeff and Scott at Scot Rods Garage
    • Short-bed swap
    • Bed cut out for suspension
    • Custom valance with splitter
    • Factory grille powder-coated wrinkle black
    • Clear taillights
    • Rust-Oleum semi-gloss black paint


    • Work performed by Scot Rods Garage
    • Dynamat sound-deadening material
    • 2013 Ford Mustang bucket seats
    • Auto Meter gauges
    • Custom aluminum door panels
    • Wood inlay tri-spoke steering wheel
    • Billet steering column
    • Optima battery
    SPECIAL THANKS FROM THE OWNER: “I would like to give thanks to my family first. Next, I would like to thank everyone that has and still works at Scot Rods Garage. There have been many sleepless nights trying to get the truck together for some events. I thank all the automotive vendors that make such awesome products, such as RideTech, GM Performance and Dederichs Motorsports.”

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