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1972 Chevrolet C-10 Racer (C10-R) Westminster, CA

Motortopia Staff , 10th November, 2022

  • 1972 Chevrolet C-10 Racer (C10-R) Westminster, CA
  • 1972 Chevrolet C-10 Racer (C10-R) Westminster, CA
  • 1972 Chevrolet C-10 Racer (C10-R) Westminster, CA
  • 1972 Chevrolet C-10 Racer (C10-R) Westminster, CA
  • 1972 Chevrolet C-10 Racer (C10-R) Westminster, CA




    • 2006 Chevy Silverado 5.3L V- 8 iron block bored out to a 5.7L mouthed
    • 595hp/590lb-ft of torque
    • Block deburred and machined by Ali’s Machine Shop
    • GM forged crankshaft
    • Trick Flow GenX LS2 camshaft, 255 CNC-ported aluminum cylinder heads and springs
    • GM high-volume LS2 oil pump
    • ARP fasteners
    • Manton Stage 5 pushrods
    • Harland Sharp rockers
    • COMP Cams lifters
    • Edelbrock water pump
    • Powermaster 140 alternator
    • Sparky’s Fabrication radiator
    • Spal twin 12-inch electric fans
    • Chris Alston Chassis Works billet motor mounts
    • Holley mid-rise LS EFI manifold with Holley HP EFI electronics
    • Spectre Performance twin filter cold air intake system with billet 102mm throttle body
    • Hooker Super Comp headers, ceramic coated
    • Magnaflow mufflers
    • Magnaflow custom exhaust into NASCAR Boomtube
    • Holley Performance Black Wrinkle LS covers
    • Eddie Motorsports S-drive
    • HPS silicone hoses and fittings
    • 2006 Dodge Viper/Tremic T-56 six-speed manual transmission
    • Joe’s Racing Performance shifter
    • Inland Empire Driveline custom aluminum race driveshaft
    • Royal Purple lubricants
    • Custom PCHRODS wiring harness
    • Autokraft Road Race pan
    • Assembled by Rob and Brandy Phillips of PCHRODS


    • Munssey Speed & Design carbon fiber extractor hood
    • Eddie Motorsports billet hinges and hood pins
    • Goodmark Industries grille
    • Goodmark Industries front and rear roll pans
    • Sparco Racing remote fill gas filler
    • Brother’s Trucks one-piece window conversion
    • Goodmark Industries fenders
    • PCHRODS two-piece tonneau cover
    • Brothers Trucks door handles
    • Marquez Designs taillights
    • J.W. Speaker Evolution 2 LED headlights
    • Ciro Racing carbon fiber rear wing
    • Munssey Speed & Design carbon fiber cowl panel and headlight bezels
    • PCHRODS air dam and front splitter
    • APR performance Formula GT3 mirrors
    • Performed by Rob and Brandy Phillips of PCHRODS
    • 3M vinyl Charcoal Metallic Matte Finish wrap
    • Custom graphics and pinstriping
    • Performed by John Meehan and Devin Doty of Sticky Fingers Designs in Huntington Beach, CA


    • 18x12-inch Boze Forged three- piece Mesh wheels custom brushed matte gold powder coat
    • BFGoodrich G-Force KDW2 335/30/18s


    • Stock C-10 frame rails
    • Coil-over C6 front suspension with DSE rack-and-pinion
    • Detroit Speed 595X front clip grafted to C-10 frame
    • Detroit Speed and Engineering C6 spindles
    • Afco remote reservoir double adjustable coil-overs
    • Trailing arm rear suspension with coil-over conversion
    • Custom C-notch
    • Hotchkis rear track bar and sway bar
    • Baer Brakes six-piston calipers with 14-inch slotted rotor
    • Afco Racing triple master cylinders (one front, one rear, one clutch)
    • Currie Enterprises F9 rearend with 3.79:1 rearend gears with Currie axles
    • Baer Brakes floater axle conversion
    • 116-inch wheelbase
    • Rick’s Hot Rod stainless gas tank
    • Performed by Rob & Brandy Phillips of PCHRODS


    • Cloth and leather upholstery
    • Cobra Suzuka Pro Carbon Kevlar fixed-back race seats
    • PCHRODS carbon fiber dash panel
    • Auto Meter PROCOMP Street Dash display
    • Woodward Steering NASCAR-style collapsible steering column
    • Sparco steering wheel
    • Joe’s Racing Products ignition and switch panels
    • Schroth Racing six-point race harnesses
    • Restomod Air air conditioning
    • Bill Dunn Interior custom aluminum-wrapped center console
    • Eight-point custom roll cage
    • Apple iPod head unit
    • Arc Audio 6.5-inch component speakers, 8-inch subwoofers, four-channel amplifiers and processors
    • Dual Optima Red Top batteries secured in Eddie Motorsports billet battery trays
    • Dynamat sound deadening material
    • Performed by Rob and Brandy Phillips of PCHRODS


    “This list could go on forever, but we’d like to thank all of our family and friends who helped with the build and donated parts, especially Mike Morrow, Ryan Morrow, Matthew Briggs and Lisa Morrow for watching our son endless hours while we finished this build. To all our sponsors throughout Brandy’s and my past careers, we have built relationships with many great companies and continue to form new relationships throughout the C10-R build. Our goal for the C10-R was to build an awesome competitive truck, but also focus on those who helped us build the C10-R and without these great sponsors this truck would have taken a lot longer to build. Also, to all the C10-R fans out there, we were honestly surprised with the online response from those that liked and supported the build throughout. It’s simple things like when someone comes up to us at a race event and says they follow our Instagram page or post that they just spotted the C10-R during a photo shoot, etc. It’s pretty cool to see the following that we’ve created with this build. We hope to continue building that following as we start new ventures with the C10-R throughout the next couple of years. For all those that have liked, commented or followed our build, a sincere ‘Thank you.’”

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