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1972 Toyota Hilux Huntington, West Virginia Petiti

Motortopia Motortopia , 29th September, 2022

  • 1972 Toyota Hilux Huntington, West Virginia Petiti
  • 1972 Toyota Hilux Huntington, West Virginia Petiti
  • 1972 Toyota Hilux Huntington, West Virginia Petiti
  • 1972 Toyota Hilux Huntington, West Virginia Petiti
  • 1972 Toyota Hilux Huntington, West Virginia Petiti

Scott Christian



    • 20/22r Hybid
    • DOA Racing engine
    • Dual side-drafts
    • Custom header/exhaust
    • Summit Racing custom aluminum radiator
    • Summit Racing fittings/gauges


    • Shop: Sadistic Iron Werks/Mindless Metal Fab
    • Full mandrel-bent frame front to back
    • One-off suspension front and rear
    • Custom hand-built upper and lower arms, wishbone, complete scratch-built frame and suspension from front to back
    • Slam Specialties airbags
    • AccuAir air management
    • Lowrider Depot lines/fittings/misc. air parts
    • Kinetik batteries custom mounted in rear and under dash
    • Wilwood brake system


    • Shop: Grant Kustoms/Sadistic Iron Werks/Jamey Jordan/Chop Factory
    • Completely custom Grant Kustoms bedsides
    • One-off tailgate skin reads
    • “LOW LUX” in the Toyota font
    • Custom sheet metal bed floor
    • One-off sheet metal firewall and cab floor
    • Custom sheet metal tubs and cowl
    • Completely shaved, there isn’t a panel that hasn’t been touched
    • Body work and paint will be completed by Casey Hall at the Chop Factory
    • Paint Custom Mixed by RMS Pro Finishes


    • Wheels: 18-inch Intros Del Rio 5
    • Tires: 215/35 ZR18 Federal Motor Sports 595


    • Shop: Ryan’s Sheetmetal Designs/Cato Custom Upholstery
    • Interior features all custom aluminum, sheet metal and copper designs
    • One-off bucket seats and door panels
    • Upholstery by Phillip Kato at Cato Custom Upholstery
    • Dash swapped in from a 1950 Merc by owner Scott Christian
    • Gauges by Dakota Digital
    • JB Associates for all the Audio


    • I would like to first thank my patient family (Kandra, Hailey and Haven) for dealing with and supporting my dreams. Also a very special thanks to everyone who has had a part in this build before me. The build wouldn’t be possible without all of the greatness of all the people involved from the start. All of the awesome guys and gals in Severed Ties who continue to motivate and support me. Ryan Alford and Phillip Cato for designing and making my custom seats and door panels a reality. Ezra Henderson from RMS Pro Finishes for always mixing the raddest custom paint colors. Metal Worx Fab for making the perfect custom fuel cell. Car Stuff Unlimited for helping sponsor the Intro wheels. Jason Billups at JB Associates for all of the audio. Michael Price and Aaron Ross, two of the most knowledgeable Toyota enthusiasts I know. Chad Wheeler at Wheelers Customs for supplying some AccuAir parts. T for letting me have the perfect dash for the swap. Tom at All Things Chrome. Hose Candy for making such a great product. Down South Kustoms (DSK) and Monzter Motorsports for the custom billet accessories. Dakota Digital for a perfect product. Richarotchie for giving me some very much needed hard-to-find parts, KP Concepts for the great renderings and being patient with me through all of the changes. I’m sure there are so many more people and companies I’m forgetting, but I’m sure to make up for it in the truck’s completed feature. Thank you EVERYONE who has or is playing a part in the build of LOW LUX!

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