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1984 Chevy C-10

Motortopia Staff , 12th April, 2022

  • 1984 Chevy C-10
  • 1984 Chevy C-10
  • 1984 Chevy C-10
  • 1984 Chevy C-10
  • 1984 Chevy C-10

Josef Murph



    • Work performed by David’s Machine Shop
    • 383 Chevy small-block engine
    • Eagle crankshaft
    • COMP Cams Thumpr camshaft
    • Eagle rods
    • Power Pro pistons
    • Dart cylinder heads
    • Hardened pushrods
    • Chrome-moly rockers
    • Melling oil pump
    • Edelbrock intake manifold
    • Edelbrock 650-cfm carburetor
    • Billet Specialties TruTrac belt drive setup
    • Billet Specialties valve covers
    • Billet Specialties air cleaner
    • Hooker headers
    • Magnaflow 2.5-inch exhaust
    • Be Cool four-row radiator with dual fans
    • 700R4 transmission
    • B&M 2,500-rpm stall converter
    • Rear axle housing shortened 3 inches total with Moser axles


    • Work performed by McClary’s Metal Works
    • Porterbuilt air ride suspension
    • Slam Specialties front airbags, Firestone F9000 rear
    • AccuAir air management
    • Notched frame
    • RideTech shocks
    • CPP drop spindles
    • Baer T4 brakes, 13-inch front, 12-inch rear
    • Baer stainless steel master cylinder


    • 24x9 and 24x10 Hot Rods by Boyd Solution wheels, polished and ceramic-coated clear
    • 275/30R24 and 295/35R24 Delinte tires


    • Work performed by Rettig’s Auto Body
    • Bed narrowed 3/8 inch on each side
    • Bed floor raised to cover rear suspension
    • Shaved key holes and fuel door
    • Custom wiper cowl
    • 1989-91 crew cab grille conversion
    • One-piece side windows
    • Custom-mixed PPG Gray paint


    • Work performed by Haege’s Trim Shop and Ultimate Audio Fabrication
    • Hushmat sound deadener
    • Persimmon vinyl and leather trim
    • Snowden custom bench seat
    • Wrapped dashboard
    • Hot Rods by Boyd S.O.B. steering wheel
    • Billet handles
    • Vintage Air climate control system
    • Sony head unit
    • JL Audio component speakers
    • JL Audio 10-inch subwoofers
    • JL Audio five-channel amplifier
    • Optima Red Top battery
    SPECIAL THANKS FROM THE OWNER: “My fiancée Tiffany, my son Paxton, Matt McClary, Ben Labue, Josh Edwards, Eddie Sells, De’Andre Johnson, my Negative Camber family and Brian Goude.”

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