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1986 Chevy C-10

Motortopia Staff , 10th January, 2022

  • 1986 Chevy C-10
  • 1986 Chevy C-10
  • 1986 Chevy C-10
  • 1986 Chevy C-10
  • 1986 Chevy C-10

Dennis Higdon



    • GM LS3 stroker engine, 427 ci
    • Noonan valve covers
    • Billet Specialties accessory drive
    • Custom Little Shop Mfg. 3-inch exhaust
    • Magnaflow mufflers
    • Tremec T-56 six-speed transmission


    • Work performed by Eric Saliba and Chris Pollock at Little Shop Mfg.
    • Custom frame using Art Morrison mandrel-bent 2x4 steel
    • Thorbecke front suspension cross member
    • Thorbecke control arms
    • Custom track-style sway bar
    • CPP drop spindles
    • Slam Specialties airbags
    • AccuAir air suspension management
    • KYB shocks
    • Little Shop Mfg. 4-link rear suspension
    • Built 9-inch rearend with Dutchman axles
    • Custom Little Shop Mfg. aluminum fuel tank
    • Wilwood FNSL 14-inch brakes front and rear
    • Wilwood master cylinder


    • 22x9.5 and 22x10.5 Rotiform SPF wheels, modified concave
    • 285/35R22 and 305/40R22 Toyo Proxes ST II tires
    SPECIAL THANKS FROM THE OWNER: “My wife and son, Kevin and Cory at Turn Key Engine Supply, Brian Stupski, Reno and crew at AccuAir, Bowler Performance Transmissions, Dynamat, Norberg Design and Eric and the crew at Little Shop Mfg.”


    • Work performed by Little Shop Mfg.
    • Chopped top
    • Custom-built B-pillars
    • Custom flush-mount aluminum bumpers
    • Cab and bed modified to remove panel dip, gapped to 1 inch
    • Bed structure and floor custom-built
    • Removable aluminum bed floor
    • Billet Specialties fuel filler
    • Custom aluminum engine bay panels
    • Custom-machined acrylic LED taillights
    • Custom laser-cut grille with fabricated center bar integrated into bumper
    • One Piece Products side and rear glass
    • Axalta Paint products to come


    • Work performed by Little Shop Mfg.
    • One-off dashboard designed by Brian Stupski
    • One-off Dakota Digital gauges
    • Restomod Air Haymaker climate control
    • Quantum vents
    • Bowler Performance push-to-start system
    • Xlyem switches
    • Modified Camaro center console
    • Dynamat sound deadening material
    • Hyundai Tiburon bucket seats
    • Rockford Fosgate head unit

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