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1987 Dodge D-150

Motortopia Staff , 10th January, 2022

  • 1987 Dodge D-150
  • 1987 Dodge D-150
  • 1987 Dodge D-150
  • 1987 Dodge D-150
  • 1987 Dodge D-150

Julian Heinrich



    • Shop: Superior Machine, Ed and Justa Smith, Detroit Gearbox
    • 1985 Dodge 360-ci Police LA block
    • Black machined 0.030 over
    • Torqueflite 727 non-lockup auto transmission
    • B&M stage two shift kit
    • Modified Lokar shifter
    • Turbo Action S-800 convertor
    • Dana/Spicer (OEM) driveshaft
    • Speed Pro pistons
    • COMP Camps XE250H camshaft and springs
    • Mancini Racing oil pump and pushrods
    • ARP/Mancini Racing hardware
    • Mopar Performance valves
    • 360-ci HD water pump
    • Powermaster alternator
    • Derale Performance cooling fans
    • A-body car motor mounts, custom frame mounts
    • Hemi Race Orange and wrinkle black motor paints
    • Mopar Performance M1 dual plane intake, chrome valve covers
    • Proform air cleaner
    • Quick Fuel Slayer 600 carb
    • Gibson headers, custom Y-pipe-to-rear dump
    • Magnaflow Race series mufflers


    • Modified A-arms
    • Dodge Dakota clip
    • Western Chassis spindles
    • High misalignment Hughes ball joints
    • OEM rack-and-pinion
    • Slam Specialties RE-7 airbags, front and RE-8 airbags, rear
    • Rear Michigan Metal Works parallel 4-link with watts link
    • Chevy master cylinder (only GM part on this truck)
    • Chrysler 9.25 rearend
    • Redrilled for 5x4.5 Dakota bolt pattern


    • 22x10 Helo 851 wheels
    • 265/35R22 Hankook Ventura ST tires


    • Shop: Murder City Modifieds, Darren Dipetta
    • DuPont Colorado Red
    • Traditional body drop
    • Shaved Ram’s head hood mount, lower body clad trim and badges, A-body red marker lights
    • All trim is original stainless
    • Dealer-installed OE moon roof and hitch mount
    • OE front bumper rechromed
    • Grant Kustoms rear roll pan
    • Bed floor raised to clear frame
    • Gas filler in bed floor
    • All original (and newer) dents and dings kept as a reminder that this is still a truck


    • Original upholstery on original seats
    • Stock gauges with AVS digital air gauge
    • Joe’s Racing sprint car aluminum anodized steering wheel
    • Stock handles rechromed
    • Lokar Performance Products shifter
    • AC blows cold
    • JVC head unit
    • NAPA battery
    SPECIAL THANKS FROM THE OWNER: “Thank you to my parents for all of the support, Justa Smith for the truck and the extra set of hands during the build (not to mention his dad for helping get the engine dialed in), my club No Regrets, and lastly, everyone that kept me positive during the build and always kept me laughing.”

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