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1994 Chevy Tahoe

Motortopia Staff , 10th January, 2022

  • 1994 Chevy Tahoe
  • 1994 Chevy Tahoe
  • 1994 Chevy Tahoe
  • 1994 Chevy Tahoe

Frank Rechlin



    • Shop: Trend Auto
    • 1994 350-ci engine
    • Factory transmission
    • New OEM water pump, radiator, motor mounts, intake manifold, alternator and air cleaner
    • Ceramic-coated OEM headers, exhaust and Black Widow muffler
    • Electric cooling fan in OEM location with factory fan shroud
    • Motor and drive accessory painted lime green
    • Chrome valve covers, oil and trans pans, timing cover and accents


    • Shop: Jeremy Rice and Hector Garcia of Tre 5 Customs
    • Modified aftermarket upper and lower control arms
    • AIM spindles
    • Full-custom rear suspension by Tre 5 Customs
    • Hydraulic components front and rear
    • Disc brakes all around
    • New OEM master cylinder
    • Aluminum fuel cell customized to fit


    • 24x9.5-inch KMC Wheels with satin finish
    • 255/30/zr24 Lionhart tires


    • Shop: IKandy Paintworks Inc.
    • PPG Flamboyance Green with Gold candy paint over Black with Lime Green and Green pearl accents
    • Body-dropped
    • Smoothed front bumper has been cut, shortened and tucked
    • Metal front lower valence
    • Roll pan cut, modified and stretched with dual exhaust port
    • Shaved door handles, corner lights, cowl, rear lights, antenna, roof rack and gas filler
    • Tubbed underside of hood to clear custom fender tubs
    • Smooth and shaved firewall
    • Molded inside fenders
    • LED lighting up front and in rear pillars
    • Rear wiper delete with new back glass


    • Shop: Elevated Design
    • Suede and leather upholstery
    • Original seats with armrests deleted
    • Custom dashboard
    • Engraved billet steering wheel
    • Four billet switches
    • New lap belts
    • Motorized Dakota Digital gauges that rise when the truck starts up
    • Motorized AC/heater vents that lower from the bottom of the dash
    • Fan cooled seats
    • LED interior lighting with hieroglyphic panels
    • Floating door and quarter speakers with acrylic and LED lighting
    • Laser projector
    • Amazon Fire tablet in center console
    • Shaved interior door panels with relocated power window switches and door poppers
    • Inserts and trim panels painted lime green and candy body color
    • Hidden compartments hide accumulators and five Optima batteries along with storage for cleaning supplies
    • Black carpet
    • Gray suede headliner
    • Vintage AC under the dash for factory appearances
    • Pioneer head unit
    • Powerbass Xtreme speakers, subwoofers and amps
    • Defender Pro bedliner sprayed inside and underside of cab with Dynamat on top
    SPECIAL THANKS FROM THE OWNER: “Thank you to my wife Jaclyn Rechlin for hanging in there through all the long days and sleepless nights, Jeremy Rice for going above and beyond to make this build happen, Hector Garcia, Powerbass USA, Steve Yiu of Elevated Designs, KMC Wheels for the wheels and placement at SEMA 2017, Precision Replacement Parts, Jorge Campa from KC Auto Paint, Trend Auto, Shane Anondson, Select Glass, James Chamberlain, Brand and Bradley McFarland, Gribow, Kyle and the rest of the crew, All American Billet, Presta, PPX reps, Excellent Detail, Dakota Digital, Eric Rowland and Scott Dafoe, Jeff Muller, USC Products, Defender Pro, Royal Purple, Summit Racing, Universal Cover Concepts, Tre 5 Customs, everyone involved with IKandy Paintworks, Optima, Artistic Engraving, Auto Revolution, RBT, Tristan Pengelly, RJ Silva at IKandy Designs, and everyone else who helped or inspired me during the build process.”

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