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1998 Ford F-150 Portland, OR

Motortopia Motortopia , 28th June, 2022

  • 1998 Ford F-150 Portland, OR
  • 1998 Ford F-150 Portland, OR
  • 1998 Ford F-150 Portland, OR
  • 1998 Ford F-150 Portland, OR
  • 1998 Ford F-150 Portland, OR

Melinda Young



    • 5.4L Ford V-8
    • 395 hp
    • DC Power Engineering 300-amp alternator
    • Trick Flow 24-pound injectors
    • Ford supercharger running 8 psi of boost
    • MSD coil
    • MSD wires
    • 3-inch exhaust
    • Magnaflow stainless steel muffler
    • K&N cold air intake
    • Ford automatic overdrive transmission
    • Yukon limited slip rearend
    • 3:55 gear ratio
    • Dutchman axles


    • Work Performed by CJ Silvey, Puyallup, WA/Brook Allmaras, Gresham, OR/Lonnie Thompson, Carolina Kustoms, Portland, OR
    • 3.75-inch body drop
    • Back-halved rearend with aircraft brass for bushings
    • Rear cantilver suspension
    • Custom control arms
    • Super lift front and rear shocks
    • 12-inch SSBC brakes front and rear
    • Wilwood brake lines
    • Two 5-gallon air tanks powder-coated black chrome by Hard Notch Customs
    • Slam Specialties RE-8 airbags
    • AccuAir VU4 solenoid valve unit
    • AccuAir speed switch panel in center console
    • Copperhead 3/8-inch airlines
    • VIAIR 165/200 pressure switch
    • Two Air Zenith OB2 compressors


    • 22x8 and 22x10 Hot Rods by Boyd F07 billet wheels
    • 265/30R22 and 285/30R22 Toyo tires


    • Lonnie Thompson at Carolina Kustoms, Portland, OR
    • Graphics by Josh Jones at JPI Hot Rods, Puyallup, WA
    • PPG Shelby Blue paint
    • Aluminum hood
    • Billet grille
    • Ford Expedition front bumper and fenders
    • Roll pan
    • Street Scene mirrors
    • Shaved door handles
    • AVS LED taillights
    • Gaylord’s tonneau cover


    • Jim Sanders, Portland, OR
    • Stereo by Lonnie Thompson and Matt Cropper, Portland, OR
    • Leather and suede
    • 2006 Ford Mustang seats
    • Suede headliner
    • Leather and fiberglass dashboard
    • iPad Air mounted in the dashboard
    • Two 500-watt Rockford Fosgate amplifiers
    • One 1,000-watt Rockford Fosgate amplifier
    • Four 6.5-inch Rockford Fosgate mids
    • Two 12-inch Rockford Fosgate T1 subwoofers
    • Two Rockford Fosgate tweeters
    • Interstate AMG batteries under the bed
    • LEDs for center console and dashboard
    • Custom speaker box and center console
    • Custom door panels with four speakers in each

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