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2001 Ford F-350 Norman

Motortopia Motortopia , 30th November, 2022

  • 2001 Ford F-350 Norman
  • 2001 Ford F-350 Norman
  • 2001 Ford F-350 Norman
  • 2001 Ford F-350 Norman
  • 2001 Ford F-350 Norman



    • Ford 7.3 Powerstroke
    • Custom-built air cleaner
    • Tucked wiring and detailed engine bay
    • Power-coated and painted brackets and accessories
    • Custom engine cover painted to match
    • Chrome-plated accessories and dress up
    • Optima Yellow Top batteries
    • Excursion gas tank


    • 2000 Chevy 1-ton front clip
    • Slam Specialties ’bags in the front
    • Firestone ’bags in the rear
    • Beltech shocks
    • Viair 480C dual compressors
    • Nitrogen bottle setup in bed
    • Custom notch and 4-link
    • ’Bag-over-axle tow setup
    • Narrowed rearend with Moser axles
    • Performed by owner and friends


    • American Force 24-inch Raptors
    • 255/30/24 Durun tires


    • Converted/updated to 2009 Super Duty front and rear
    • Custom-built roll pan
    • T-Rex billet grilles upper and lower
    • Custom cowl hood
    • Sheet metal bed
    • Shaved gas filler
    • Painted PPG Red by Joey Skinner
    • Traditional flames by Cole Stevens


    • Katzkin sandlewood leather with alligator inserts
    • Performed by Curt Enochs
    • Suede headliner by Rodney Simpson
    • Smoothed and painted trim
    • Billet Specialties steering wheel
    • Billet pedals
    • Custom fiberglass console
    • Pioneer DVD in-dash
    • Digital Designs subs, components and amps
    • Performed by owner
    Special Thanks from Owner: To all my family, American Force, Digital Design, Optima Batteries, Katzkin, Negative Camber, Jay Manning, Viair, PPG, T-Rex Grilles, Palace Auto Supply, Extreme Auto Options, Courtney Halowell, Joey Skinner, Rodney Simpson and everyone who supported and helped with the build.

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