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2002 Ford F150 SVT Lightning

Motortopia Staff , 10th January, 2022

  • 2002 Ford F150 SVT Lightning
  • 2002 Ford F150 SVT Lightning
  • 2002 Ford F150 SVT Lightning
  • 2002 Ford F150 SVT Lightning
  • 2002 Ford F150 SVT Lightning

Joel Buchanan



    • Shop: FH Customs, Joel Buchanan
    • Ford 5.4L supercharged V-8
    • Meziere electric water pump
    • Motor City 200-amp alternator
    • LFP electric deluxe cooling fan kit
    • Ported and polished lower manifold and mid-plate
    • Polished throttle body
    • Custom 4.5 aluminum intake pipe and oval K&N filter
    • 3.4L Whipple polished supercharger with 15 psi
    • Valve covers painted to match
    • Magnum Powers polished idler bridge
    • Metco pulleys
    • 2002 Ford 4R100 automatic transmission
    • Aluminum driveshaft
    • Bassani exhaust
    • Rearend narrowed 2 inches on each side
    • Moser axles
    • 3.73 gear ratio
    • Billet diff cover


    • 22x8.5 and 22x12 Raceline Majestic with brushed finish and red powder-coated accents
    • 255/35R22 and 335/25R22 Pirelli Scorpion Zero


    • Shop: FH Customs, Joel Buchanan
    • Stylin’ Concepts 2.5-inch steel cowl hood
    • Billet grille
    • SVT Lightning front bumper
    • Bedrug bed floor
    • Clear taillights
    • Century tonneau bed cover
    • Depo projectors headlights
    • Brushed aluminum gas filler
    • House of Kolor Galaxy Gray and Brandywine Kandy
    • Hand airbrushed and pinstriped
    • Shop: Attitude Custom Airbrushing and Paint, Jeff Schroeder


    • Shop: FH Customs, Joel Buchanan
    • KP Components front ’bag cups and Air Lift Dominator 2500 ’bags
    • RideTech front shocks and relocation kit
    • Modified stock control arms
    • Belltech 2-inch drop spindles
    • KP Components rear cantilever system with parallel 4-link, pan-hard bar and shocks
    • Air Lift Dominator 2500 ’bags
    • Wilwood rear disc brakes


    • Shop: Custom Upholstery, Mike McKean and FH Customs, Joel Buchanan (s t e r e o)
    • Micro-suede and ruby metallic
    • Cut-down passenger seat
    • Matching ruby headliner
    • Brushed aluminum dashboard overlays
    • Auto Meter Pro Comp Ultra Lite gauges
    • Raceline Imperial steering wheel brushed and painted to match
    • 2003 Harley F-150 inner door handles
    • Custom switch panel by Chris Conrad (the12fast4u)
    • Wide top Ford Expedition console
    • Custom hand-laid fiberglass kick panels and subwoofer enclosure painted to match
    • Custom hand-laid fiberglass subwoofer enclosure and linear-actuated amp rack in bed
    • Fiberglass pod attached to the underside of the tonneau cover housing the Memphis 6.5s
    • Kenwood double-DIN head unit
    • Memphis wiring
    • Memphis M Class components
    • Memphis Power Reference 10-inch subwoofers
    • Memphis MClass five-channel amplifier
    • Optima Red-Top battery
    • Dynamat Xtreme sound deadener
    • Custom fiberglass enclosures
    SPECIAL THANKS FROM THE OWNER: “First and foremost, I have to thank my wife for putting up with so many long nights and weekends in the shop. I couldn’t begin to count them. I’d also like to thank my family and numerous friends who helped along the way, in particular: Marc Gaines, Nick Langley, Seth Schmitz, Jacob Freeman, Ben Kluge, Mike McKean and many others.

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