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2003 Ford F-150 Houston, TX Des TRUCKtion

Motortopia Staff , 14th July, 2022

  • 2003 Ford F-150 Houston, TX Des TRUCKtion
  • 2003 Ford F-150 Houston, TX Des TRUCKtion
  • 2003 Ford F-150 Houston, TX Des TRUCKtion
  • 2003 Ford F-150 Houston, TX Des TRUCKtion
  • 2003 Ford F-150 Houston, TX Des TRUCKtion

Jose Juarez



    • Ford 5.4 Triton V-8
    • Power Master 200-amp alternator
    • Volant air intake
    • Pacesetters headers with stainless finish
    • Ford 4R70W transmission
    • Custom two-piece steel driveshaft
    • Custom 3-inch exhaust with 3-inch 1-in-1-out Magnaflow muffler


    • Work performed by John Juarez at Chasis Fab
    • Custom Chassis Fab control arms’
    • Bagged with AccuAir e-Level management
    • Beltech spindles
    • 2-link with pan hard bar
    • Ford rearend narrowed 4.25 inches per side
    • Yukon 4:10 gear ratio
    • Moser axles
    • Shortened wheelbase


    • Shop: All Star Customs
    • 2007 King Ranch F-150 hood, grille, headlights and front bumper
    • 2007 F-150 fenders molded together
    • Custom cowl panel for front-end conversion
    • House of Kolor Cinnamon Pearl and White
    • Graphics by Patrick Reid
    • Pinstriping by Sic713


    • 24x9 and 26x10 Bonspeed Sweeps with polished finish
    • 275/30R24 and 295/30R24Lexani LX-Nine


    • Shop: Arnoldo Garza at Car Audio Garage
    • Reno vinyl
    • 2003 Ford F-150 front Lariat seats
    • Ford F-150 Harley-Davidson rear seats
    • Billet door switches
    • Custom smoothed and painted dashboard, door panels and door handles by Jose Chapa
    • Billet Specialties steering wheel partially wrapped to match seats
    • 2003 F-150 Harley-Davidson chrome handles
    • Custom-built console holding two 12-inch JL Audio W7 subs
    • Pioneer AVH-P4300DVD head unit
    • Memphis Power wire wiring and RCAs
    • Three sets of Focal Polyglass 6.5 inch speakers
    • Two JL Audio 12-inch W7 subwoofers
    • Two JL Audio 600/1v3 amplifiers
    • One JL Audio XD 800/8
    • Pioneer DEQ-7600 digital signal processor
    • Two Optima Red Top batteries
    • Roar Kill (B4 Stinger) sound deadening material
    SPECIAL THANKS FROM THE OWNER: “Thanks to Chassis Fab, Frank from Custom Car Audio Tires & Wheels, Sic713 for the pinstriping, Patrick Reid and Car Audio Garage for making this truck build possible. Also, thanks to my truck club des TRUCKtion for always showing me major support. Most importantly a big thankyou to my brother, Armando Juarez, for introducing me to the truck scene.”

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