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2006 GMC Canyon Bel Air, MD Low Rollers

Motortopia Staff , 18th May, 2022

  • 2006 GMC Canyon Bel Air, MD Low Rollers
  • 2006 GMC Canyon Bel Air, MD Low Rollers
  • 2006 GMC Canyon Bel Air, MD Low Rollers
  • 2006 GMC Canyon Bel Air, MD Low Rollers
  • 2006 GMC Canyon Bel Air, MD Low Rollers

Matt Hodgson



    • 2.8L Chevy four-cylinder
    • Five-speed trans
    • Narrowed rearend
    • Custom driveshaft
    • Custom intake manifold
    • Twisted Minis mufflers


    • Shop: Shepherd Chassis, Harwood, MD
    • Custom chassis from firewall back
    • Front end narrowed 4 inches
    • Dual rail frame lengthened 11 inches
    • Custom 4-link rear suspension with Belltech shocks
    • Slam Specialties RE-7s at each corner
    • Dual 3-gallon tanks and dual VIAIR compressors mounted to the frame
    • Asco manifold valves
    • Chassis painted Chrysler Dark Titanium


    • 22x9 GM Transports bored to fit and painted to match
    • 235/30R22 Nexen Tires
    SPECIAL THANKS THE FROM OWNER: “God first and foremost, without whom none of this would be possible. My wife, Amber, and kids, Brady, Charlie and Olivia. My parents for helping me drop off and pick up the truck often states away to have work done. John Shepherd, Mike Bischoff and Brad Wurzbacher for all their hard work. Kenneth Frank, Matt Haggard and Mark Doran for helping in times of need, and my Low Rollers Truck Club family.”


    • Shop: Mike Bischoff and Brad Wurzbacher, Lucky 7 Rod Shop
    • Body dropped
    • Shaved door handle pockets, tailgate handle, third brake light and bed body line
    • Raised bed floor
    • Smoothed front bumper
    • Grant Kustoms rear skin
    • Tailgate cut in half
    • GM UK Brilliant Green Metallic
    • Hand-laid pinstripes by Kobbie’s Kustoms
    • Custom ragtop from BMW 318ti California Edition
    • Suicide rear doors


    • Shop: Lucky 7 Rod Shop
    • Tan vinyl-wrapped dash
    • Frenched center console seams
    • Tan headliner and medium brown carpet
    • Two-tone camel and cognac seats
    • Custom shift column cover
    • Custom steering wheel adapter
    • 1966 Impala steering wheel
    • Kenwood head unit and equalizer
    • Kappa Infinity speakers

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