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2014 GMC Sierra

Motortopia Staff , 10th January, 2022

  • 2014 GMC Sierra
  • 2014 GMC Sierra
  • 2014 GMC Sierra
  • 2014 GMC Sierra
  • 2014 GMC Sierra

Chaps Diaz



    • Shop: TMS Speed Shop
    • 2014 GM 5.3L Ecotech3
    • 800 hp
    • GMC 4L60 auto transmission
    • 62/66 billet Precision twin turbos
    • TMS Speed Shop custom boost camshaft
    • 4-inch diesel exhaust to minimize twin-turbo noise
    • Magnaflow mufflers
    • Custom sheet metal bead-rolled four-piece engine cover by TC Autoworks


    • Shop: John at Chassis Fab
    • Chassis Fab custom narrow track upper and lower A arms
    • McGaughy’s 2-inch drop spindles
    • Rear 2-link with Ridetech Shockwave ’bags
    • Wilwood front and rear TC6R big brake kits
    • Wilwood booster and master cylinder


    • Shop: David Gomez at Classic Trim and Juan Alaniz at Audio Shop
    • Katzkin cognac-colored leather seat covers
    • 2015 Denali SUV dashboard swap
    • Suede headliner
    • Pioneer 5700 head unit
    • dB Drive P9 speakers
    • dB Drive 2000-watt amp
    • Sundown Audio 8-inch X Series subwoofer
    • Optima Yellow Top battery


    • 26x9 and 26x12 Prestige Forged Boosted 6 Concave wheels by Jose ay The Billet Stop
    • 255/30R26 and 305/30R26 Lexani tires


    • Shop: Tony Castro at TC Autoworks
    • Auto Paint Specialties special orange paint mixtures
    • Candy red flames and contrasting green pinstriping by Tony Castro
    • Custom one-piece front bumper built from scratch
    • Sheet metal bead-rolled rear bumper to work with top plastic, grooved and molded CTS exhaust tips
    • Bed raised 6 inches to clear C-notched rear frame
    • Bead-rolled inner bed walls
    • Inner fender wells outfitted with custom bead-rolled sheet metal
    • Denali grille with Denali inserts in one-off bumper
    • Taillights tinted red to delete reverse clear lens
    • Headlights open-painted to match flames
    SPECIAL THANKS FROM THE OWNER: “I want to thank my wife who kept persuading me to keep going. Thanks to my friends and family who all helped, not just on the build, but by helping in any kind of way. Also, thanks to my Ground Zero family that keeps pushing our lifestyle to the limit.”

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