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Reno, NV1968 GMC C-10

Motortopia Staff , 15th July, 2022

  • Reno, NV1968 GMC C-10
  • Reno, NV1968 GMC C-10
  • Reno, NV1968 GMC C-10
  • Reno, NV1968 GMC C-10
  • Reno, NV1968 GMC C-10

Kevin Diehl



    • 6.0L LS2 from 2005Pontiac GTO
    • Trickflow 228/230 camshaft, .585/.585 lift with 112 LSA
    • Oversized valves with Trickflow dual springs
    • Trickflow pushrods
    • Polished Holley valve covers
    • FAST intake manifold
    • Hedman headers
    • Diamond Eye exhaust
    • Eddie Motorsports pulley system
    • Mechman high-output alternator
    • Painless Performance wiring harness
    • Nitrous Outlet 250-shot nitrous system
    • BeCool aluminum radiator and dual fans
    • Turbo 400 transmission
    • 2,500-rpm stall Hughes torque converter


    • Choppin’ Block front cross member kit
    • Choppin’ Block upper and lower control arms
    • Choppin’ Block back-half frame and body-drop kit
    • Slam Specialties airbags
    • CPP drop spindles
    • CPP front and rear big brake kits
    • CPP hydro-assist brake master cylinder
    • AccuAir e-Level air management


    • 20x8 and 20x12 Hot Rods by Boyd Crowbar wheels
    • 245/40ZR20 and 315/35ZR20 Continental tires


    • Work performed by Elite Customs Body & Paint
    • Shaved antenna, mirrors, keyholes and fuel filler
    • Eddie Motorsports LED taillights
    • Oracle halo headlights
    • Truck Covers USA American Roll Cover tonneau
    • MPX Candy Cherry Red paint


    • Work performed by Wellman’s Upholstery
    • Custom bench seat
    • Custom red/black leather on seats and door panels
    • Black carpet
    • Matching bed carpeting
    • Classic Instruments gauges
    • Eddie Motorsports steering wheel and door handles
    • Dynamat sound deadener
    • JVC head unit
    • JL Audio component speakers
    • JL Audio 10-inch subwoofers
    • JL Audio 1,200-watt amplifier
    • Dual Optima batteries
    SPECIAL THANKS FROM THE OWNER: “Joe Kwapich, Dan McElfresh, Dane Fraizer and Travis Ybarra, Elite Customs Body and Paint, Truck Covers USA, Wellman’s Upholstery, Classic Performance Products, Classic Industries, Choppin’ Block, Slam Specialties, Classic Instruments, Painless Performance, Hot Rods by Boyd, Continental Tires, Dynamat, AccuAir, R&E Fasteners, Eddie Motorsports, Diamond Eye Exhaust and Optima Batteries.”

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