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Squarebody Chevy Custom Frenched Bumpers - Sgt. Square Mission 22 C10 Truck Build Ep. 3

Nicole Hamilton July 13, 2023 C10 Builders Guide

  If you want to see how you can support Mission 22 as they work to support our veterans, check out StreetTrucks’ Sgt. Square page!… Continue reading

Are These MIND-BLOWING, chrome-covered builds actually used for work?

Chris Hamilton May 01, 2023 Diesel World

The 75 Chrome Shop Truck Show is an annual event held at the 75 Chrome Shop in Wildwood, Florida. The event is dedicated to showcasing… Continue reading

Replacing a 30 Year Old Silverado Dash With a NEW ONE!

Nicole Hamilton April 04, 2023 OBS Builders Guide

I finally got to install the BRAND NEW LMC Truck dash in the Dually Pace Truck. Transform the interior of your 1993 Chevy OBS Dually… Continue reading

English Wheel BASICS For BEGINNERS!!! How To Build, Buy or Modify, and WHY?

Adam Johnson November 11, 2021 Videos

On this episode of Make It Kustom, I show you how I built my English wheel for cheap and why! I’ll walk you through how… Continue reading

Sheet Metal Fabrication Hacks | Build Anything with Basic, Affordable Tools

Adam Johnson November 09, 2021 Tech

Get the job done with the most basic tools. ****Where to Buy Practice Metal and Weld Kits**** USE DISCOUNT CODE ‘TIMWELDS’ TO SAVE 10%…… Continue reading

88-98 Chevy GMT400 RideTech Coilover Wishbone Suspension Install

Adam Johnson November 02, 2021 OBS Builders Guide

We picking up this running, driving 1995 Chevy C/K truck from the original owner for a smooth $2000. Cold A/C and a solid cranking 4.3-liter… Continue reading


Adam Johnson November 01, 2021 C10 Builders Guide

The moment everyone has been waiting for.. hope you enjoy the unveil of C10 slayer. Please show some support in the comments if you like… Continue reading

The Tesla Swapped C10 Squarebody Gets Ready for SEMA - Electric C10 Ep. 20

Adam Johnson October 29, 2021 C10 Builders Guide

We’re than a week away from seeing this truck driving on the road! Like what we’re wearing? Grab yourself some merch! Salvage to Savage Gear:… Continue reading

Twin Turbo LS 1965 Stepside C10 Patina Truck - ChaChing Ep. 1

Adam Johnson October 25, 2021 C10 Builders Guide

This week we’re taking a step back from the Tesla swapped C10 squarebody to show you guy’s Salvage2Savage’s flagship build, ChaChing. We take you on… Continue reading

Video - Check out the Audio in Artemis! Our ‘98 GMC is ready to rock.

Chris Hamilton October 19, 2021 OBS Builders Guide

Project Artemis has been a build that we document in Street Trucks Magazine on stands nationwide. You can subscribe at This 1998 GMC Sierra… Continue reading

C10 Intervention 2021 Live from Woodland California!

Nicole Hamilton September 05, 2021 C10 Builders Guide

Live broadcast from c10 int3ervention in Woodland CA. Street Trucks broadcast brought to you by Belltech and Performance Online.  


Chris Hamilton April 14, 2021 OBS Builders Guide


VIDEO | Picking up Project Artemis with C10 Club of Florida!

Chris Hamilton April 08, 2021 OBS Builders Guide

Now that our 1998 GMC sierra is completely covered in an all new custom wrap from GLARB and Tate Designs, we have to take a… Continue reading

VIDEO | How To LS Swap your OBS Chevy!

Chris Hamilton October 13, 2020 OBS Builders Guide

We walk you through the 5.3 LS install into Travis’ ’99 Tahoe. This video will explain what parts we used, the main steps we took… Continue reading

Unboxing! Billet Aluminum Hood Hinges for 1988-98 Chevy C/K Trucks from Eddie Motorsports

Chris Hamilton April 30, 2020 OBS Builders Guide

Billet Aluminum Hood Hinges for 1988-98 Chevy C/K Trucks Fits 88-98 C/K Chevy/GMC Trucks 92-99 Blazer/Jimmy/Suburban/Tahoe Yukon ●High strength, precision billet aluminum construction ●Utilizes sealed… Continue reading

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