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” NEW PRODUCTS ” Technology and Hardware

MAXIMUM DRIVE STAFF August 18, 2022 All Feature Vehicles

Technology and Hardware

The flow of new automotive products never stops – not even for a day. Over the past few months we’ve seen a steady stream of exciting debuts to the market. Some of these are technological marvels such as this advanced Optima battery charger and maintainer, and some are pure hardware such as the BOLT key-learning locks or fantastic Centerline wheels. But every one of these new products deserves some attention, even if it’s just for fun.

Optima Digital 1200 Battery Charger

OPTIMA has developed the new Digital 1200 Battery Charger to work with all kinds of 12-volt car batteries. The charger analyzes a battery’s output and strength and then applies recharge to help recover deeply discharged batteries and extend battery life. With an easy-to-read, bright, backlit LCD gauge that displays battery charging, fill rate, mode settings and fault messages, this charger offers one of the best user interfaces on the market. Plus, there’s a built-in USB port so you can charge your phone or other device at the same time!

BOLT Trailering Locks

If you use a trailer, you have to keep track of a whole chain full of keys. You’ve got your vehicle key, padlock keys, tongue lock key, hitch receiver key, and so on. But now Bolt locks has a whole kit of locks that code themselves to your vehicle key. All you do is stick your key into the lock the first time, turn it, and the lock programs itself to your particular key pattern. After that, your vehicle key is the only way to open that lock. Of course, it means that the locks are now part of your vehicle, but if you plan to keep your vehicle for some time, Bolt locks are a great idea.

QuickTime Modular Flex Plate

QuickTime has developed an all-new Modular Flexplate (patent pending) for a wide variety of engines, including small and big-block Chevrolet and Ford. The new plates have a laser-cut 4130 chromoly steel center section that is joined to 4130 chromoly steel ring gear segments using (18) separate 4130 pins, which are pressed as well as laser welded. This approach results in a SFI 29.1 certified flexplate that is both 10-percent lighter than and twice as strong as OE-style flexplates. In addition, the Modular Flexplates are accurate in every dimension: circumference within .002, Rollout within .010, and balance within 1 gram.

MOPAR Shop Stool

Everybody likes a good shop stool, and if you’re a Mopar man, this is the one you need. These counter stools are 30 inches tall, and feature a rugged 14-inch vinyl-covered cushion. The cushions are mounted securely to a swivel base and chrome-plated legs.

Brake Performance Rotor & Pad Kits

Brake Performance now offers four different styles of Performance Brake Kits. The four different styles include Dimpled and Slotted, Cross Drilled and Slotted, Basic Slotted, and Cross Drilled. Each kit includes Premium Semi Metallic brake pads to give you great stopping power even in high heat situations. Performance Brake kits are guaranteed to be a factory direct fit, and include the best warranty in the industry.

Custom Autosound Original Fit Radio

Custom Autosound says this is the most original looking, direct-fitment radio ever produced. The radio appears to be original analog, but with a slide of the SlideBar the digital display is revealed!  Underneath it’s a 300-watt AM/FM radio with 25 preset stations, iPod attachment, and a CD Changer controller. There’s even a Bluetooth option and aux input. Versions of this radio fit the 64-73 Mustang, 68-76 Corvette, 67-72 GMC/Chevy truck.

Centerline MM Wheels

Centerline now offers a one-piece cast wheel for modern muscle car applications. This new generation of wheels brings a fresh perspective in design innovation while encompassing the original classic elements that gave CenterLine its name. The MM series shown here includes the MM1 and MM3 with choice of a black or silver machined face and lip in 20×9 or 20×10.5 sizes.

CORSA Xtreme Cat-Back Exhaust for 2015 Mustang 

The new Corsa Xtreme cat-back exhaust for the 2015 Mustang GT offers 3-inch, mandrel-bent stainless steel tubing leading to a pair of Corsa Reflective Sound Cancellation (RSC) Mufflers. Your choice of chrome or black tips. The kit comes with everything you need to complete the installation yourself, including instructions.

Meguiar’s Paint Protect 

Meguiar’s has a new product called Paint Protect. This specialized formula provides a durable, synthetic protective coating, featuring Hydrophobic Polymer Technology that will defend your exterior paint surface giving you 365 days worth of water beading protection (based on over 52 consecutive hand washes using a pH-balanced car shampoo).


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