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1952 Ford F-1 Crew Cab

Motortopia Motortopia , 10th January, 2022

  • 1952 Ford F-1 Crew Cab
  • 1952 Ford F-1 Crew Cab
  • 1952 Ford F-1 Crew Cab
  • 1952 Ford F-1 Crew Cab
  • 1952 Ford F-1 Crew Cab

Bob and Fran Bradley



    • Lincoln Town Car 4.6L SOHC V-8
    • Cold air kit
    • Simulated six-pot custom air cleaner
    • Dual side-exiting exhausts
    • Lincoln Town Car AODE transmission with a two-piece driveshaft


    • Two F-1 cabs weld together to create a crew cab
    • 3-inch top chop with rear window lowered 3 inches
    • Jeep sheet-metal roof skin
    • All four doors radiused, door handles shaved and drip rails added
    • Additional teeth in the grille
    • Chrome side spears on the hood
    • Tucked and smoothed front bumper
    • Hidden trailer hitch in the rear bumper
    • Stock fenders with extended running boards and side-exiting exhausts
    • Cadillac taillights with LEDs
    • Diamond-plate tool box in the bed
    • Touch-latch gas filler cap for the rear-mounted tank
    • MAR-K smooth tailgate with “Shop Truck” logo
    • Corvette Bright Yellow and PPG Bright White with double blue pinstriped lines
    • Paint by Bob Bradley and Kyle Fehrer


    • Two Ford F-1 frames, boxed and welded together
    • Mustang II independent front suspension using components and airbags from Scott’s Hotrods
    • Shop-built trailing arm suspension in the rear using Freightliner airbags adapted to fit
    • VIAIR compressor and 5-gallon reserve tank with 3/8-inch lines


    • 15x7 and 15x8 Rocket Fuel chrome wheels
    • 205/60R15 and 235/70R15 Cooper


    • Shop: Capitol Custom Upholstery, Helena, MT
    • 2002 Ford Explorer bucket seats
    • 2002 Ford Explorer individual fold-down rear seats
    • Modified Explorer center console holding the Custom Auto Sound stereo and the controls for the air suspension and power windows
    • Custom door panels incorporate stereo speakers
    • Lincoln Town Car digital instruments, steering column and steering wheel
    • Tan and brown leather seats, door panels and headliner, gray carpet

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