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1964 GMC Pickup

Motortopia Motortopia , 30th November, 2022

  • 1964 GMC Pickup
  • 1964 GMC Pickup
  • 1964 GMC Pickup
  • 1964 GMC Pickup
  • 1964 GMC Pickup

Travis Pruis and Johnny Schickle



    • Shop: Douglas Machine Shop
    • 1964 305-ci V-6
    • Factory exhaust with Flowmaster  mufflers
    • Three-speed manual transmission
    • Factory rearend


    • Shop: CTP Concepts
    • Front clip of frame Z’d
    • Control arms narrowed 1-inch
    • CPP drop spindles, front disc brakes, master cylinder and brake booster
    • Flaming River billet universal steering joints
    • Rear step notch
    • Custom 2-link with track bar
    • Firestone airbags
    • ½-inch GC valves
    • Viair compressors


    • 20x8 and 20x9 Detroit Steel Wheels
    • 245/35R20 and 275/35R20 Accelera PHI


    • Factory paint buffed out
    • CTP Concepts steel wheel tubs
    • Raised wood bed floor with wood from Brothers Trucks and strips from Golden State Parts
    • Factory rear wheel tubs raised and sectioned
    • Front bumper and grille repainted
    • Porterbuilt hood hinges
    • Hood pinstriped by Travis Pruis


    • Factory bench seat covered in vinyl and cloth by Tawni Pratt of Tweeds Upholstery
    • Golden State Parts carpet kit
    • CTP Concepts gauge bezel with New Vintage Woodward series gauges
    SPECIAL THANKS FROM THE OWNER: “Brunch and Golden State Parts for making those last minute part orders happen; Randy Pratt for mounting the wheels and tires; James Herr and Nick Purdy for always taking care of us at Summit Racing; Brad Clark of Wreckshop; our always supportive parents Mr. and Mrs. Pruis and Mr. and Mrs. Schickle; one of our mentors throughout the years, Mark McCaw, sorry we ruined another perfectly good truck, and to the future Mrs. Pruis for always being there and giving us some great ideas throughout the build. We appreciate each and every one one of you.

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