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2000 Ford Ranger

Motortopia Motortopia , 14th February, 2023

  • 2000 Ford Ranger
  • 2000 Ford Ranger
  • 2000 Ford Ranger
  • 2000 Ford Ranger
  • 2000 Ford Ranger

Dustin Puzey



    • Shop: Marshall’s Shop, Marty Ward
    • Chevy 350-ci small-block
    • Comp Cams camshaft
    • Edelbrock intake
    • One-off ceramic-coated exhaust system with glasspack mufflers
    • Turbo 350 trans
    • Billet Specialties Trutrac serpentine system, valve covers, breather, air cleaner and plug wire holders
    • AFCO radiator


    • Shop: Marshall’s, Shop Marty Ward
    • Handmade front air setup
    • One-off tubular control arms
    • Nissan Hardbody shocks
    • Custom rear 4-link
    • Full one-off frame
    • Two VIAIR compressors
    • Two 5-gallon chrome tanks
    • Mustang II brakes
    • Frame and suspension components powder coated


    • Shop: Bill Byrd and Ross Johns at Specialized Stitch Co./Marshall’s Shop, Marty Ward and Mike De Fronso
    • Cut down Mustang seats
    • Sheet metal and fiberglass dash
    • Auto Meter gauges
    • All interior pieces wrapped in red and black leather with suede headliner
    • Billet Specialties steering wheel
    • Shaved door handles
    • Stainless accents
    • Kenwood head unit
    • Image Dynamics mids and highs
    • Image Dynamics amps


    • 22-inch American Racing RTS 611
    • 265/30R22 tires


    • Shop: Marshall’s Shop/Justin Mournout (paint)
    • Standox Red to match powder coating
    • Black Raptor bedliner
    • Everything shaved
    • Stock-floor body drop
    • Corvette Stingray-inspired hood
    • Sliding ragtop
    • 1936 Ford taillights
    • Right-hand drive
    • 4x4 bed
    • Modified front bumper
    • Custom bed floor
    • Custom sheet metal engine compartment
    SPECIAL THANKS FROM THE OWNER: “This truck would not be what it is without Marty Ward, my parents for allthe support and garage space, Steve Pfor the late nights in the shop, my club Balistik, my boy Mikey, Bill Byrd, Ross Johns, Justin Mournout, all the guys that were always there to help me move parts when I needed to, and to Visa, MasterCard, Discover and to everyone who said this truck would never be done—this is for you.

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