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1996 Dodge Ram

Motortopia Motortopia , 1st December, 2022

  • 1996 Dodge Ram
  • 1996 Dodge Ram
  • 1996 Dodge Ram
  • 1996 Dodge Ram
  • 1996 Dodge Ram

Walter Peña



    • 1996 Dodge Ram 5.9L
    • K&N cold air intake
    • Flowmaster muffler
    • Custom under-hood billet covers by Preston Cervantes of CenCal Machinist
    • Custom aluminum gas tank


    • 22x8.5 and 22x10 Bonspeed Laguna polished with painted center
    • Atturo tires


    • Shop: Wally’s Customs of Reedley, CA
    • PPG custom-mixed color
    • 2006 Dodge Ram custom front bumper
    • Hot rod-style push-in gas filler
    • Roll pan
    • Shaved door handles, antenna, tailgate, bodyline on tailgate
    • Rain gutter and bottom bodyline molded
    • Bed widened 1 ¼ inches to fit trailing arms and wheels
    • Custom bed floor with spray-on liner


    • Shop: 559 Customs
    • Airbags front and rear
    • Stock spindles
    • Disc brakes all around
    • Rear 4-link
    • Rearend converted to six-lug and shortened


    • Shop: Big Daddy’s Upholstery/Beats By Bigs
    • Black leather upholstery
    • Chopped headrests
    • Bonspeed steering wheel
    • Pioneer head unit
    • Pioneer speakers
    • Treo subwoofer
    • Zapco amps
    SPECIAL THANKS FROM THE OWNER: Rene Resendez, Preston Cervantes, Adan Cervantes, David Lopez, Vince Sandoval, Efren Rangel, Miguel Navarrete, Matt Diaz, Raudel and Cristina Jacobo, Jerry Gaytan, Vince and Joe Lombardi, Andy, Chuck Del Bosque, Todd Anderson, Mike Garza, Vidal Cuevas, Armando Sanchez, Casey and Travis Jones for always believing in me, and a special thanks to my wife Yesenia for always being there for me, and to my #1 fans: my kids Destiny and

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